Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Long Holiday

The past few days have been... WONDERFUL ---> okay, so there were a couple of unpleasant bits... but overall the long stretch of holidays was wonderful though sadly my wallet is much thinner than it used to be before the holidays and to think its jus the 2nd week of November - GAH!!! I need cash quick or I may just have to start selling my stuff *sobbers*

Anyways, back to happier thoughts ~ the whole stretch of holidays was great as my folks were on leave and I got to spend time with them and of course the Possum had holidays too which was great too. So, here is a short update of what I have been up too because I have to get back to doing my grotty assignment *bleh*

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Deepavali ~ I didn't go for All Saint's day mass (my bad) but instead lazed around at home and went to my aunties house in the afternoon. After a light dinner at my aunts house, I went to the Possums house and we went to Du Viet @ Bangsar Village and then a short grocery stop at Village Grocers where we got Orangina and Tangs *yums*

1st day of Hari Raya ~ In the morning I had to sit for my Manufacturing Culture paper (can you believe it an exam on Raya!) and after that I went to 1Utama to meet Sum Ye for her belated birthday. It was good catching up with her. In the evening, I went toAizat's house which has a wonderful view of BU and beyond. The food was delicious and it was even more delicious as we ate in the garden with a superb view. I had all my fav foods there: Curry Mee, Roti and some beef type thingy (don't know what you calls it - not rendang!), chocolate cake, lagsana and F&N Blast *yum yum*
After that the whole gang went to the Fun Fair that is beside BU. We had fun playing those games though damn geram when I couldn't win this cutes bear... Sat on the Ferris Wheel and some other ride with the Possum but didn't feel up to sit the rest as the Possum and I had eaten too much. At the end of the day, the Possum came over and we talked and played cards for awhile and then he went home.

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2nd day of Hari Raya ~ We went to my uncles house in Shah Alam with my other rellies and we had a good time there (the pics for stuff will be up... when I get them donelah or when the respective people send them to me). It was good to see my cousins again after so long. After lunch, I went to the Possums house and had a nap and then proceeded to go to Sg. Wang for Teppenyaki and DVD shopping - we bought 11 of which 4 doesn't work or isn't clear - bugger man lied to me AGAIN!!!-- Idiot! After that we walked to Borders and I met Borders Boy and browsed through some scrapbook books... and YES I succumbed to buying a book. It was a comic/satirical book -- its super super fuuny! Serious... *smiles* The the Possum and I went to Bangsar for a drink but the shops we wanted to go to were closed so we ended up at Chilis where we had juice and beer and long talks till closing time.
3rd Day of Raya ~ Woke up late *blush* and read a book. After that, went for mass at SIC with the Possum and his grandparents only to find out that they had confirmation mass so it was super long and super boring!!! We left after communion and went to Klang for steamboat. I met R there, but don't want to talk about him. After dinner, we met Cats and WJ at TGIF @ The Curve. Then it was back to the Possums' house for a movie marathon.
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4th Day of Raya ~ The Possum and I woke up late and decided to go to Sushi King for a late lunch. The weather was wonderfully lazy, drizzle and dull grey skies - so perfect for a day indoors. After having sushi, we went to Giant to buy groceries and I met Pegs and we watched "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" which was sadly not as scary as I thought and not as good. After the movie, I went to the Possums place for dinner. He cooked pasta which was just damn nicelah. Not to side him or anything but it was just damn nice!!! *smiles* Thanks you Possum! After a really delicious dinner, I finally went home and read my book and relaxed after a long week.
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I am so going to pay for all this fun and gameslah. I have a blardy assignment due and FACES work to complete. BAH!!! Me and my sad sad procrastination problem... but then I guess it was all worth it in the end. I loved almost every minute of the whole week - may there be more happy moments such as these in the days to come. And to my Muslim and Hindu friends, I know this is late but "Happy Deepavali and Selamat Hari Raya".

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