Friday, November 18, 2005


Phew... The weekend is here or almost here anyway. Finally finished my FACES work after much panicking as there was no electricity and the client had yet to send me more info. Rush - Panic - Breathe! So now, I just have to find a company to conduct my thesis on, finish my New Editing assignment and the exam and I am done… *hoorah*
Oh yes. I got an A for Reputation Management *smiles smiles smiles*

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Am happy but at the back of my mind I am praying that I pass the other two papers but worrying about it will not get me anywhere (trying to repeat that to myself every few minutes) so, am waiting and hoping and of course praying that the results will be favorable.

The past couple of days have been really busy busy busy. If I am not in college, I am at home finishing up work and stuff. My room has still yet to be cleaned and hopefully, I will get it done tomorrow. I managed to read a couple of books as well… *hehehe* (my bad), but couldn’t resist its temptations.

Just had my lunch of a yummy cheese and mushroom sausage and a slice of bread (I sadly found some green mould growing on another slice) and for desert Black and White M&M’s which have been expired for 10 months. I was saving it for a special occasion but none came that made me feel like having them... and eventhough its like expired, it still tastes good *hahaha* Gonna go have a bath and read or something.

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Miss you guys whom I have not hung out with in ages… *sniffles*
but these are *~~...Happy Carefree Days... ~~*

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