Thursday, November 17, 2005

God Loves Me Part II

Its 8.28am and I am awake. YES!!! I actually woke up at 7.12am *gasp* Really, I am shocked myself. This is the earliest I have woken up in like months. Usually I sleep at this time - thankfully there are only a few days of those late-nighters left - *hoorah*

These past few days have seen my fingers itch towards to the keyboard to type down my thoughts (which there have been many) and my daily going-abouts. I also have some photos to put up which I haven’t had the chance too because they need editing and stuff and I just didn’t have time to do it and when I did have time there was always something more urgent and important that needed my attention first, like my new stack of magazines and books.

Anyways, I just got back from the emigration office. I got there early about 7.40am prepared with a sandwich, my trusty pack of Rocky which have yet to consume (only for dire situations), my latest scrapbook mag, my latest novel by the author of ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, my MP3 player and a note pad to doodle and write ‘inspirational thoughts’.
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When I got to level 2, I was disappointed to see a line snake around to the end with about 70 odd people in it and about 30 people already seated patiently with the newspapers. I took out my slip of paper and walked resolutely to counter 18 as the slip said to do just that “Aras 2, Kauter 18”. When I reached said counter, there was no one there so I thought that I had to get behind that ever expanding line of people, when I noticed someone in counter 17 and asked him if I was correct and that I had to be in counter 18. He took the slip of paper and said “Tuggu yea” and walked off. I stood there like an idiot with my striped yellow and red umbrella and my huge bag and waited.

He came back low and behold with my passport and some documents in his hand and blah blah blah and like 5 minutes I was done. First customer of the day it seems *grin grin grin* I think the people in the snakey line were not pleased and shot me dirty looks. Sorrylah!!! But I had done my passport in the little kiosk and thus had the privilege of getting my passport faster.

So time spent to make and get back the passport – I went to make the passport on Tuesday – was only 30 minutes. *hoorah hoorah* And I heard to many horror stories about lining up for hours. My poor dad was there for almost 3 hours and he had a special line for senior citizens at that. I called him when I got home and he was like "yeah, cannot find the place ah?”
I was like “No… am on my way home!”
He was like “How can?” I said “Fastleh” and he laughed and said bye.

I am sure God loves me *smiles*
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So here I am in these early hours of the morning eating my sandwich and blogging. Hmm… what to do… what to do… I think I will go read my book and wait for the sun to emerge from behind the clouds. Enjoy reading the next few entries *smiles* and I hope that you all will have a wonderful day/week ahead of yous.

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