Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Monday and Tuesday

Walk Walk Walk...
I went for a food review at Bernards @ Centrepoint on the 14th and decided to take a cab there. The freaky cab driver locked the doors and drove super fast and missed the turning up to Bandar Utama and I freaked out and told him to bloody stop driving. By that time he was near the NKVE toll. So I got out for the freaking cab handed him 5 bucks too the change and slammed the door and stood there next to the highway.

I had to get to Bernard's, so I walked… and walked and walked from the highway to Bernards in the blazing hot sun amidst the tooting of horns and the lewd calls of “ah moi” from various men *bleh* When I reached Bernards, I was like super duper sweaty and was like dying from the heat. “Ice water I croaked to the bartender, and the nice fella gave me a lovely icy glass filled with delicious lemon tasting ice water.

The food review was overwhelming. There were eleven dishes and between Joyce, Rachael (the new intern) and I, we still couldn’t finish. Damn jelaklah to even look at the food *arghhhh*

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Gawd I look sick and stuffed... bad bad bad combination!!!
(Taken by Joyce the Fairy)

Anyways, after the huge feast and Spikes interesting tales, we all went back to the office. My bro picked me up after that and we went to SS2 pasar malam to pass the time while waiting for my mums to come back from the LRT. We had a found a lovely parking and so my bro went to the side and waited but some idiot came and zipped right in to our place. My bro wanted to get tout of the car and yell at those rude peeps but I told him not too and to just go away. He was like “Why you always like that, let people walk all over you?” *bah humbug* I was like “What you talking about?” He replied nothing and just drove around SS2 to look for a spot but as usual that place was a mess and in the end of course we didn’t get to go to the pasar malam. Idiot lady (damn shy that it had to be freaking lady some more)!!!

Oh yeah... I am not a doormat!
I am not…
I don't let people walk all over me...
OK... maybe just around the edges... *Sigh Sigh*

Productive Tuesday
I woke up quite early today (the 15th) and went to do my passport in Damansara Heights. I thought that I would be there for some time, but the kiosk was working and it took about 15 minutes. I then decided that I would take a cab to Bangsar LRT and then stop at Sentral and then take a monorail till B.Bintang. So I did just that and went to Sg.Wang to return my DVDs which were so not clear – idiot liar man!

After that, I met my cousin and we walked around Starhill, Lot 10, Isetan and blah and then decided to go to Green Lotus where I was going to do my food review since I was sleepy and the sun was making it worse. We took some time finding the place but it was worth it. Green Lotus is really nice and the food there was delicious and affordable too. The fruit and vege drinks were just yummy and refreshing too... it was so hot I think I downed like 4 glasses.

Five huge platters of food later, several drinks and wonderful conversation between, my cousin, Joyce, KF (the manager) and we left. I got home decided on a princess shower and in the evening that I walked out – it was pretty dark – rather quickly to the bus stop where I took the Metro 99 to MidValley. I met the rest of the FACES crew in Chilis and after dinner, we went to GSC for the premiere of “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”. *** WARNING: For those of you who plan to watch it and don’t want to hear my two cents, stop reading.

Honestly, I felt it deserved 7.5/10 and I felt the ending was too abrupt. There should have been something “more”. Some big BANG!!! Not some measly farewells and promises to write soon. BAH! Sounds more like something out of an Enid Blyton’s Malory Towers series where they have to go back at end of term. The merpeople also quite ugly and Voldemort has no nose... gawd!!! Why can't the fella have a nose??? Some of the storyline also quite changedlah but I guess its not too bad... But go watch itlah 'cos the books were good and because it will entertain you... just don't have your hopes too high like mine were (I NEVER learn!) I will be watching it again toos as the seats we had “were not that good” to put it mildly. got home about 12.30am and was pleasantly tired but felt happy that my days were getting more productive, though I felt piggish for having two food reviews in two days… I feel like a doughnut.

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