Thursday, November 10, 2005

Jesus Loves Me!!!

I am home now... the common cold that was bugging me this afternoon and evening along with the slight fever and headache which sounded like Chinese techno music in my head is all but gone. Thank you God and thanks to the folks who called, smsed or left msgs on my blog to congratulate me or to wish me well *Smiles Smiles*

Anyways, more news... I was home today after the boring news editing class and drinking my hot orange tea to soothe my irritating throat when my boss Editor Ian called. He told me that he would be sending me and the Possum to Singapore. It would be a 2 day thingy because Cineleisure Singapore would be opening and they would cover all our expenses. The trip would be on the 24-25 Nov '05 and he thought I could extend my stay there and have my long awaited holiday then too. He didn't know that I had planned to go to Singapore on the 25th Nov... and when I told him he laughed and he said "Jesus really loves you lah!" and I think so too.

(this deserves a big hoorah because
I love movies and I love Singapore!)
Image hosted by
I can't wait... *smiles smiles*

Dinner at Fandangos @ Hartamas with Yews and the gang for his birthday was pretty fun though I am a little lagging in my thoughts thanks to the meds I took to ensure the nasty common cold would dissappear! But the food was alright and the cappucino I had was just delicious. The photos of course will be up when I get the pics from Nic.

Anyways, I have to go now and do my assignment which I am freaking out about. Wish me lucks folks. I need it!!! *God will be with me but then I guess I need the "smarts" too* And for those of you that dont' know, eventhough the 'fark you' posts are more frequent these days, I am still a huge believer in God and I know that He loves me... ahhh... how nice it is to feel and to know His love and His blessings on us each and everyday of our lives. Its so true the saying
"When God closes a door, He opens a window".
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I pray that each of you have a blessed week ahead of you
and I hope that you all feel the presence and
love of God in every second of the day *smiles*

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