Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Common Cold Blues...

I have the common cold!!!

At college at the moment and am an hour early for class --> trust me I wouldn't be here if I didn't need to but then my bro could only drop me at this time so I am not one to turn down a free ride to horrid boring bloody classes. Have been stuffing myself with WOODS extra stong lozenges and my throat is numb - I guess its better than it being itchy. My nose on the other hand is stuffed and red from all the sneezing and blowing *sigh sigh*

*Sigh Sigh*

I need TLC!!!

Possum!!! I need *hugsss*

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Okay... maybe I should quit whining and the common cold and the icky symptoms will be gone as well! I can't wait... hoorah!!! Actually I am worried about my last assignment. My request for an extension has not been granted yet and I am patiently waiting for them to reply. I am seriously freakin outlah!!! Like super freakout!!! Whats more itchy fingers here went to the online site to check her results which I told myself not to until December 'cos thats when all the results will be out... but NO!!! Had to bloody check... Idiot *Dream Weaver*.

I got one result back and I got an A!!!


but then again its not like a huge *HOORAH* reason being it was a weak A. The borderline one... and to think that it was 'Journlism Publication' ---> I guess this proves I can't write for shit... *sob sob*

I think I am having the common cold blues
I just want to go home...


Silver Fox said...

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~ATOM~ said...

I can't believe you're not happy with an A!! I'm speechless!!

SuetLing said...

get well soon! =o)

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