Monday, October 24, 2005

*TWO* Down!!!

*TWO* Down!!!
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Today has been a pretty alright day and though I did miss the bus and was caught in the rain it was surprisingly alright. It was actually quite nice walking in the rain with my faithful red and yellow striped umbrella *grin* At college I handed up the Reputation Managment assignment and got back the results for my last RM assignment and I got 95/100. *HOORAH!*
Anyways after that, I went to 1U to meet up with G and Dave and we had tea at this new Chinese Hongkie type cafe as Dave wanted a clear view of the swimming pool *snicker*. After that I went for my FACES meeting and after that I went for dinner with the guys at Bangsar at a little cafe called Capri Cafe. After that, we went for drinks at NiNe @ One Bangsar which will hopefully be the venue for Spongy's b'day *yipeee*
Then I went home and cleaned my desk to prepare myself for the next couple of days and the annoy assignments which have to be handed in *bleh* - I can now see the surface of my desk. I stayed up till 4am just arranging my things and listening to music and making notes to myself on "things I have to do!".
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OH! I got one of my dream jobs!!!
Its at Papier @ The Curve. FYI: Its a scrapbooking job and I might be teaching card/scrapbooking classes... *yipeee* Which means I get to use the stuff and experiment with all the coolest tools and stuff and be surrounded with all the arts stuffs tooosss *double triple yipeee*. I will still be freelancing with FACES whilst I take on this job though I still will be finishing off my internal and final external papers. This will be a part time job and as of yet the details are not fully drawn up yet, I will see the boss only after I finish my last paper in the beginning of Novemeber. *sighs happily*
I am listening to some piano music and feeling happy and am smiling to myself like a looney... hehe... my bro just said I was useless cos I refused to help him do something. "WHATVER" I say. I should never listen to all this useless negative crap! CRAP thats what it is!!! BAH!!! Bad crap... I have had too much negativity around me. Its time to cleanse the air with happiness and joy *smiles*

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