Tuesday, October 18, 2005

''' Clubbing Nights '''

These couple of weeks should have seen me stuck at home with my nose in a text book or on the computer typing out one of my assignments but strangely… this past month has seen me going to the most clubs and having a couple of really really wonderful nights. Before you guys get all pissy with me (as some of you have had numerous rain checks from me), most of my outings was for work purposes and even if it wasn't, I just really needed a fun night out. I actually need one right now!!!

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Anyways, the first club hopping night for me was on the 1st of October with the Possum and Joyce for work. We were testing margaritas. So we headed down to Jalan Doraisamy and went to the Loft and Chynna (I like these 2 places). Then we headed to Frangpani and lastly we went to Sugar Club (super sucky place). This was the first time I had been to so many clubs on one night – and to think that it was for work *grin grin* Then the Monday after that, the FACES crew and I continued our margarita testing and headed to Chilis (I loves the foods here) and TGIF (Thanks Alvin for the balloon doggy).

Then there was the outing with the guys which quite sucked but I did get to go to Bliss, Bar Fly, Espanda, Beach Club and Atmosphere… OK! So those clubs didn’t quite make the top 10 places to go to in KL but they were certainly an eye opener. To read more about the night, read No More!!!

This past Friday the 14th of October, saw me doing more reviews this time on screwdrivers (Yes, the alcoholic kind!). So the Possum and Joyce went to Shangri-La to start the night where we met up with Cats and her colleague Patrick. The first place we headed to was the Lobby Lounge which was fairly comfy and nice and they even had chips and salsa which so won my heart *smiles*. Then we headed across the road to Bar Fly where I met Duncan and then we settled for drinks at Gerai (opposite Bar Fly). The drinks so sucked which was sad because the Long Island Tea that the Possum and I had had the last time we were there was awesome! After the quick drink there we walked to Passion and then we went to Velvet and ended the night at the Loft (the Zouk one)!

I had a really good night though there were a couple of times I was pissed at the Possum for being super possessive but other than that, the night was a success. I had such fun with Cats and we were giggling and laughing a lot. I just wish at times that it was just me and Cats without having any chaperones like the Possum around. Don’t get me wrong, I love having him around, but every once in awhile I just want to have a girl’s night out.

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Then on the 15th of October, I went for YN’s sisters wedding in Overseas restaurant in Armada Hotel. All the guys and girls were smartly dressed *smiles* for the occasion. There was Spongy and Hanna, Bob, Dave (who looked super smart in a blazer and slacks), Common Jack, Ons, G, Stewie, Joanna and I and of course YN himself. I think all of us had a wonderful nightI sure did! We drank and had toasts for every little thing and of course I was tipsy. Met my old Sunday school teacher there and by that time I think I was a little wobbly and super chatty and gave the wrong info to them *blush* oh well! Wish though that the other guys could have been there, namely, Johan, Wolfie and Tiny... but I am sure there will be photos and perhaps a video or two and stories to make you guys feel as if you were already there.

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After the dinner, we decided to head down to KL to go to the Loft. So there we were dancing and drinking and having a fun time. There are bits and pieces of the night I can’t remember… like some of the things I said and some of the people that I had met. We ended the night with a drink at the mamak and then it was off home. I was super sleepy and just managed a shower before I collapsed on to the bed. Apparently before that I was SMSing and calling my friends… so for those of you who had the misfortune of having one of those calls or SMS’s my humblest apology. Feel free to bother me when you get tipsy too!

So there it is… my whole list of clubs this past month. Will be going to Jalan Doraisamy again to visit the other clubs, Luna Bar is on the list and so are a couple of places in Bangsar I suppose since most of the clubs in KL have been done already. Well just great… after listing all this down, I feel super guilty about not studying AGAIN! But honestly, I wouldn't trade those night for anything *smiles smiles smiles*

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