Saturday, October 29, 2005

*THREE Down* (smiles)

Another one down…
* Smiles like a looney *
I managed to finish another blardy assignment.

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Anyways, after handing up the dreaded assignment, Pauline and I went to Delaney’s Irish Pub in Park Royal Hotel. The food was pretty alright, though I think that the whole review could have been handled better. The highlight of Pauline’s and my time there was of course the drinks. We had red, white and sparkling wine from Argentina, Port from Aussie and ‘The Grinch Who Stole Christmas’ which was a special cocktail for Christmas *grins* I am such a sucker!!!

After happily drinking away till 5.30pm, Pauline and I went to Borders in Times Square as I hadn’t been there in a long long time and both of us felt the itch to read and browse for books J So, there I was wide-eyed and salivating at the new books they had and wishing that someone would offer me like a thousand bucks worth of books on the spot, but of course no one did -bleh!

Anyways, after covering the first floor, I went to the 2nd floor in search of more scrapbooking books. I strangely remembered where the books were located and made a beeline for them. At that aisle, a guy was like crouching down in front of the scrapbooking section and I inwardly groaned as I had wanted to browse alone (Yes, I can be quite territorial at times!)

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As I got closer, the guy looked up and asked me if he could assist me in anyway. Ahhh… he works in Borders and so polite I thought… it was then that I recognised him. He was from the same seminar I had gone to a couple of weeks ago. So, anyways we got to talking and talking and then he had to go do something and I had a few minutes with my books but me mum called and I had to go without saying goodbye to Mr. Borders (That shall be his nick for now!)

After Pauline and I had made our long journey back to Taman Bahagaia, the Possum picked us up and sent us home. Then the Possum and I went to The Curve to have sushi but sadly there was a freaking line in front of the sushi shop so, we decided to go somewhere else. We ended up in Colonial Times where we feasted on Briyani rice, Mango and Strawberry lassie and curries and the yummiest Laotian fish cakes ever. The best part for me was when they started singing Hindi songs live *grin*. Poor Possum doesn’t quite fancy Hindi music so I guess inwardly he was cringing, but for me I had to control the urge to get up and dance... hehehe.

Well, after dinner we made our way to KL for more Screwdriver reviews with Joyce. We reached the Asian Heritage Row at Bar Sa Vanh and ordered and drinks and chatted. Not 15 mintues into the night and I felt super sick. It was a combination of headache and “I WANT TO PUKE” feeling. If I had drank more, I would understand why I felt this way, but I didn’t drink before that. Anyways, as the night progressed, the headaches and nausea got worse with the disco lights and loud music and to think that the manager there laid out so many bottles of alcohol in front of us and wanted to like get me another drink (YES, I only had ONE drink!) and I had to decline… I felt THAT bad!!! Plus, I had a bad case of dejavu and predicted what was going to happen the way it was going to happen and the Possum I think was a little freaked out when it did… I really hate that whole de ja vu feeling you know... freaky!!!
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Anyways, to makes matters worse. It was pouring cats and dogs when we decided to leave. So the Possum borrowed and umbrella to get me and Joyce to his car and after getting us in, he had to go back and return the umbrella unfortunately the umbrella he used did not work and just went upside down... so the Possum just checked the damn umbrella by the side of the road and I couldn’t’ help but to laugh at that time, but I realized “Gawd… poor child!” So, he was drenched from head to toe in the end. Poor Possum! After much traffic jams, we finally got to Zouk where we dropped Joyce off as I so just wanted to go home and really couldn’t stand going to another night club that night.

So back home we went, the Possum soaking wet and *Dream Weaver* just wanting to go back to her dreamland. Boiled myself lots of hot water to drink and took a scalding hot bath and felt so much better… after that I curled up in a ball and slept. There will be more screwdrivers to taste and a bottle of promised Barcardi to savour and of course more wonderful days of dancing the chicken wiggles to come.

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