Sunday, October 09, 2005

No more!!!

My last post on the 8/10 saw me ending the post with a pondering question to stay home to go out... and...
I went out!
Against my better judgement and no matter how many times I reasoned with myself that I should stay home and hit the books...
I went out!
This is what happened.

The guys called and said they were going clubbing and since the last outing although at a not very nice place was super fun, I decided to go again. So there I was decked out in my outfit, my heels and a clutch bag. YES... a clutch bag. They were most surprised because it is so not a *Dream Weaver* thing to carry and to own. Anyways, off we went o KL for a night out. I asked them once where we were going and I wish they had told me where this "secret" place was. Well it was 12SI!!!

12 freaking SI...
Well after going in to Atmosphere for a good 30 mins and I was bored watching the shufflers doing their "thang"... so I did the one thing that I am super good at - Daydreaming. Even though there was pounding music all around me I daydreamed away and I only drank one glass of alco that night.

After being at Atmos for about an hour, Spongy and I decided to go out to find something to eat cos he has gastric. So we went to the lok-lok stall thingy and we meet Dave there too. So there we were eating malay balls on a stick. Honestly, I think chinese balls are nicer... seriously. Even the sauce is better.

Anyways, while we were on our way back to Atmos, we met up with YN and G and since we told them that malay balls sucked we decided to go back without food. I had actaully already planned with Spongy to go club hopping around that area for fun and he said okay but then he walked too fast and I lost him, so G and I went to all the different clubs simply because there was nothing to do and as the famous saying goes "When you are given lemons, make lemonade".

1st Stop: Beach Club... G dragged me onto the podium and we started dancing amongst the ang mohs and etc. It was fun and all though the place was filled with expats and what looked like GRO's... bleh! After about 15 mins we left.

2nd Stop: Espanda... Gawd... that place was really nice inside. I was suprised that eventhough everything was so nice there was like only 7 people there. Yup 7!!! G was dancing alone on the dance floor for a couple of seconds and then we left.

3rd Stop: Bliss... I walked up the stairs and entered Bliss with G right behind me... and then I saw them... HOT HOT guys some topless with sweat glimmering off them... and then it hit me... I was the only girl there. G was dragging my hand then and pulling me down the stairs. Bleh!!! BLASTED... HOT GUYS wasted!!! I also saw my uni friend there and he invited me up there... as if I could ever blend in - BAH! Someone should have told me it was for males only!!!

4th Stop: BarFly... I think out of all the clubs this was the most decent and since I have been there a couple of times, not so "shock" anymore.

5th Stop: Back to idiot ATMOS!!! That place sucks now. SOme of the guys and I felt old and though the night was super long, I was amused a little by some of the dancers who looked like they were trying to avoid cockaroaches. Was pleasantly surprised by Gazza who danced pretty darn well out of all of us.

To end the long shitty night, it was raining when we wanted to go home. I had to bloody run in my freaking heels in the rain and my heels had bits of sand and shite in them and I was soaked and looked like a bed-rangled mouse *sniff* Not that anyone would notice since they were happy and high after drinking 2 bottles.

So I should have stayed home, studied and had an early night listening to the rain falling outside the window... DANG! Hadlah to be the idiot running in the freaking rain!!!
No more Atmos guys...
No more!!!

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