Friday, October 07, 2005

First for October 2005

At the moment I am in college waiting for my tutorials to start. All the instructions and buttons on my web browser at the moment, from my yahoo account to friendster and etc. is in Chinese characters and its strange to see all of them instead of the usual English. Yes... Idiot Banana person that I am *Bleh*

As Piggy Lainie pointed out, there has not been any updates and YES its that time of the month again. Not crimson tides time, but more of the BLOODY work, Uni work to be exact *Bleh Bleh Bleh*. I am my 2/3 period of my Uni life and honestly I can't wait for it to end. I did a time table thingy for myself so that I could plan my time more effectively and hopefully get everything done without the need for extensions...

...and the timetable thingy looks HORRIBLE!!!

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It has nothing but bright ORANGE words signalling the dates and the assignments that need to be done. BUGGERS! Its badlah... looks like I can't go out much anymore... and to think that there are so many movies and things that I want to do *sniff sniff*

After this whole chunk of work is out of the way, there is my FINAL written exam on the first week of November and then my final project which is the BIG KAHUNA of an assignment which is the LAST EVER paper I will do :) I can't help but grinning widely when I think of it being the LAST, yet at the same time it is a whole different thing when I have to bloody do it... and you know what the sickening thing is, I think that I will miss "this" all "this" stupid studying, assignments and tests and blah... YES, I am queer!!!

Oh yeah... I nearly missed my mid-term paper . I "ter" tekan my phone alarm and continued sleeping. The Possum called 45 minutes before the exam to wish me luck only to find me still asleep in bed. Of course he shouted, I got a good yelling at and he came and picked me up to deposit me at college. Thank God I made in time, with 3 mins to spare too. Thank God for that. Thanks Possum. I owe you one!

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Well after thinking about all this depressing news about assignments and exams and blah blah... I think to myself that atleast I will have a wonderful Christmas and before that a holiday in Singapore after my exams. And I will be in Singapore before Christmas so I get to see the wonderful lights and deco for Christmas - hoorah!!! But this Christmas there are going to be changes.

I guess that is unevitable...
change is unevitable.

Gerard who is my bowling and hanging out buddy during the day after college usually is leaving to the US *bah*. I honestly am happy that he is going to go over there to study but I can't help but miss him when he is gone. We do such nonsense things togetherlah... OK... so maybe more often than not I suggest it to him, but then we do have such fun together... *sniff* Then there will be the miss of the happening parties he throws toos... *sigh sigh sigh*
Who is going to layan me now???

But the good bit this Christmas is that I will have Cats with me *grin* and Marina is coming back too - Hoorah! *grin grin*. We are going to start belting Il Divo in Banana Leaf la and sing carols on top of out lungs too... I can't wait. Of course there will be Christmas Eve Midnight Mass (the best mass of the year) and hopefully I can drag my friends to go with me this year... any takers?

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See Elainey, nothing that interesting happening in my life... and even if there were, its nothing GREAT or "WOW". Met up with a friend... I guess you can call him that. DC and I had an alright time at the mamak today though I felt that I had changed much since I last saw him some 2 years ago. Well... its was good to see him again in some ways but in others, well it was unsettling... but alls good now that I am in the safe, rather dirty confines of my colleges computer room. I have another 4 hours of class to look forward to... BAH!!! and nothing couple more asssignments and etc. BAH BAH BAH!!! (sounds like how a disgruntled sheep might sound).

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