Monday, October 31, 2005

The 24th Chromosome

Happy Halloween!!!
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Just watched DOOM and I actually liked it. At first I was skeptic about it, but in the end decided to go because the Possum wanted to watch it. Anyways, after the movie on the way to Friendster, I got to thinking that if I did have the 24th chromosome injected in me or if I was somehow infected, would I become the mutant-crazy-killer-type-thingy or the super human???

The Possum agreed that I could be the type on the brink of both but would probably be the super human and as for the Possum well no guesses but he falls into the mutant thingy category for sure. He is more like Sarge (played by the Rock) than anyone else… and I… I would probably be a combination of a couple of people simply because I have yet to define myself fully as of yet. I simply learn new things about myself as the days go by… some of them I like and some things that I dislike and try to change.

I read my journal last night (which always provokes me to write something) and basically the same problems I am facing now, I faced then. Nothing much has changed which really saddened me. Of course there are more things this year that I have achieved as compared to last year and I do get some joy and pride out of that, but at the same time I found it sad that the major things that I disliked about my situation last year has not changed and that I am still in the same situation. I don’t want to read my journal this time next year and find that things still hasn’t changed.

I think its time to change…

*Gosh this sounds like an entry for the end of the year not for the beginning of November…

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