Friday, October 14, 2005

Fark You!!!

"I have had enough okay?"
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I have been accused of trying to "mother" someone.
Is it wrong to worry and to care for someone?
And you say you have had enough?
How about me and all the shit I had to put up each
and every time you hurt me and you say you are "sorry".
How the hell do you think I feel?
Do you think I am happy?
But you know what, strangely I still care for you
regardless of this shit and other shit you do or tell me...
but for each and every painful deed and word you said to me,
I wish you would feel pain a million times more
and that you feel the hurt and the helpless I have felt...
and although it is not my nature to be cruel,
I will laugh and tell you that you truly deserve it...
and honestly you will finally know how I bloody feel.
And by the way...
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*I am writing this in angry I hate you mode,
so DON'T USE this against me...


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