Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Voice & The Little Girl...

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The Voice: What do you want for Christmas this year?
That Little Girl: Urm... (thinks really really hard)... to have you beside me.
The Voice: You know thats impossible, right?
The Little Girl: You did ask me what I wanted, right?
The Voice: I can't quite do miracles...
The Little Girl: But I thought you could do everything...
The Voice: No. Not everything.
The Little Girl: I miss you. Can't I just see you for a day? Maybe half a day if a day is too much?
The Voice: I am sorry.
The Little Girl: Is that a no?
The Voice: I am afriad so.
The Little Girl: Who is going to make me smile when I am hurting? Who is going to teach me to laugh when all I want to do is cry? Who is going to walk beside me when I am lonely?
The Voice: I am always there for you in your heart am I not?
The Little Girl: Its not the same...
The Voice: One day things will be different.
The Little Girl: Your one days are far away...
The Voice: Its better than nothing, right?
The Little Girl: Yes it is, but I still wish you were here.
The Voice: I will always be right here in your heart. You can feel me sometimes can you not?
The Little Girl: I can. But it hurts sometimes when I think about you but you aren't beside me.
The Voice: In times things will be better I promise. Do you trust me?
The Little Girl: I do.
The Voice: You will always be loved.
The Little Girl: Do you think that is enough?
The Voice: It is enough for now, for the days to come and the years that will follow. Always remember that, k?
The Little Girl: Its hard, but I will try...
The Voice: I have to go now...
The Little Girl: When will I hear from you again?
The Voice: I am not sure.
The Little Girl: Will you forget me?
The Voice: I can't and I wouldn't. Merry Christmas.
The Little Girl: I miss you... Merry Christmas.

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