Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Christmas Spirit Needed!!!

I am sick!!!
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I haven't been feeling well this past couple of days and I have been feeling just icky so much so that I don't feel like getting out of bed. I can't eat and when I smell food I feel sick, which if you think about it is a great way to diet but the acid from my stomach is killing me and will kill me if this problem persists and the wind... well lets just not go there. I just feel so dreadful. The Possum and my folks have been pretty helpful but there is only so much that they can do and being stubborn me I didn't go to the doc's.
Anyways, the Possum decided to come and teman me today but he had told me that he wasn't feeling well too and had puked in the evening. I thought he was being super manja and didn't bother about it. So finally he came over and I was dozing in bed when suddenly I heard someone throwing up on my bathroom door and fumble for the latch and heave some more and more and more in the toilet bowl. Yes... it was the Possum. There was puke all over the floor and the door of my toilet and though most of the gunk was in the bowl, there was a fair bit of it on the floor.
So I had to help clean him, the toilet and the bedroom up. I was and still am tired but luckily I feel much better. I still feel pretty shitty but am alright and the Possum, well he is upstairs under my covers sleeping. He is better now, thank God. So much for having the Christmas Spirit *sigh* I haven't even done all my Christmas shopping and I thought that I had the Christmas Spirit earlier this month but I think it went a way for a bit and I am anxiously waiting for it to return. I really need some Christmas Spirit. Anyone has extras, please send me some.
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