Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Rediscovering Narnia!

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The book which I had read earlier this year was wonderful and the movie...??? Well it was AWESOME!!! I loved every part of it and it followed closely to the book and as I sat there in the recently changed seats with Editor Ian and Princess Anna, I really felt like being transported to a simillar place like Narnia and to have felt the silky mane of Aslan and to hear his wondeful voice and look into his eyes which would have made me feel at once ashamed and comforted. This movie is much much X a billion times better than Harry Potter!!!
Truly a masterpiece.
I hope C.S Lewis is proud of this movie adpatation *smiles*
A must watch! I am so gonna watch it again.
*More posts and photos up soon after my exams!

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Pinkity said...

OMG, I've tried booking but it's full babe. FULL to the freaking max. I'm reading the last book of the series now. But have not nuff time to finish it. Fingers crossed it'll be done before the beginning of next week!!! :p

Good luck and all the best for your exam!!!

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