Wednesday, December 14, 2005

King Kong & the LV Pleaty bag

The Possum is mad with me for watching Kong without him.
Possum: Where are you?
*DreamWeaver*: Urm... out with FACES ppl... ummm... watching KingKong...
Possum: Doing what? Oh... watching KingKong!
Possum: Why you always want to watch before me?
*DreamWeaver*: But its free and I love movies. I watch with you againlah. Really I will! Don't angrylah...
Possum: Lets see if I want to forgive youla, ok... I don't like you now...
*DreamWeaver*: Urmm... I have to go now to buy drinks.
Possum: Golah! (In the rude-I-don't-want-to-layan kind of voice)
*DreamWeaver*: I call laterlah, k? (In trying-to-pujuk-kind of voice)
Possum: We'll see if I want to pick up or not!
*DreamWeaver*: Ohhhkkaaayyy! Bye... (URGHHHH kind of voice)
Possum: Bye.
***toottoottoottoottoottoottoot.... (goes the phone in my ear)
Super Emo right?!!
(but It's ok, I forgive him...)
[In the end he did pick up the call]

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Anyways, Kong was good. It certainly lived up to my expectations. *smile* I loved the sunsets and I thought that the scenes from Skull Island were really nice... that was how I always pictured Dinolands and ancient primative places to be like... okay... maybe not as nice... but you get what I meanlah. Kong was also quite sadlah... but surprise surprise... I did not cry. OK... so maybe because EditorIan was sitting beside me, but I held back pretty well *pat on the back* But... does that mean my heart is becoming like a heart of stone? Am I growing colder and meaner like Cruella De Vil... *tsk tsk* If I do become like her, give me a smack! Well I have to go now. I gotta work tomorrow at Sushi King KLCC... and I am so dreading that. I hope the people there will be nice to me *Please Please God, make them nice to me and help me fill up the idiotic sruveys!*

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Oh yeah... another thing. When we were on the way to MidValley for dinner and the movie, EditorIan and JoyceTheFairy were talking about bags and stuff and EditorIan says that his sister has an LV denim bag. I suddenly pipe up from the back... "Yeah I have one too!" and lalala... EditorIan talks somemore about it and then pauses... "You have one?" Yes I say. "You so have to use it now!!! Its the most IN thing at the mo!!!" says EditorIan.

Well, yes folks.
*Super no style out of season *DreamWeaver* has something In season for a change! But it doesn't make me anyhow differentla! I will still be wearing the no brand type tops and the usual jeans and have the messy hair!!!up so l
I have an LV bag.
Its a Denim Pleaty.

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I DID NOT BUY IT!!! if thats what you guys are thinking and even if I had wanted to buy it I wouldn't have had the mullah for it. I got it as a present from the Possum's mum. I feel super shy and guilty and undeserving for such a lovely bag, but yeah... its mine. I love it to bits so much so that I have only used it twice. And I am too afraid someone is going to nick it. I am that sort of person to keep and keep for "special" occasions BUT alas... I have few special occasions to attend to... but then in a more optimistic light, everyday is special as we are alive... so maybe I will bring the baggy out with me tomorrow...

After kena chop in the LRT and then I will be sobbing by the roadside.
I should sleep being super drama now and stop thinking about the bag...
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Nights nights peeps...
*Sweet Dreams*
And may you all have a wonderful day tomorrow.

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