Friday, December 09, 2005

Singapore Stories!

It’s been a long long long... two weeks
or is that three weeks now?

I can't remember and days seem to melt into each other that I tend to forget days and dates... but then again that could be because of my blurness *grin*

So here I am after a long hiatus from blogging (If you don't count the 2 brief snippets from Singapore and Narnia) with updates and pics - although not all of them as I don't have them with me. Now... the problem is... I don't know how to begin. Perhaps I shall start with my first Singapore trip which I went to with the Possum on the 25th till the 27th of November 2005.

~ Singapore Christmas Holiday 2005~
25th - 27th of November 2005

We arrived in Singapore slightly in the afternoon as we left late (Possums have a hard time getting up in the mornings) and stopped over in Malacca to have chicken rice balls and to buy dodol, nut biscuits, pineapple tarts and preserved mangoes *yummy* When we arrive in Singapore, we went to YMCA Metropolitan on where we would be staying for the duration of out visit. The hostel rooms were... well definitely NOT 5 stars and it would have been just perfect (Heck, we paid $70 nett for a night so we weren't expecting much) alright if they had given us a room with a window! There is just something unsettling about a room with no windows!!! Besides that everything was alright!!!

So after getting settled and dumping our bags in the room, we left for Orchard Road. The first shop we went to was a toy shop which I had gone to on my previous visit. They have really cool collectables and a huge huge collection of Disney and Eeyore stuff but so expensive *sigh sigh* So I did what I do best which was to ogle and gawk *tsk tsk* Anyways, the Possum located the Suzy's Zoo stuff (the main reason for coming) and after choosing the ones that I wanted we left the toyshop with the Possum promising that we would come back if we had time and of course we didn't come back 'cos there was no time *sighs*.

After that, we went to get TACO BELL!!! *hoorah* (I had a chicken quasidalla - I think thats how you spell it!) and after that we visit with his aunts and had an Indonesian dinner with them at Clarke Quay. Well... let’s just say that you should never mix Chinese food, Indonesian food and Mexican food together. It’s super unpleasant!!! hehehe... Anyways, after dinner and walking around the quay, we went back to the hotel to wash up and then we went to Coffee Club (my most favouritest café) where we had chocolate mousse which was simply delicious and of course Tiramisu Latte for me and a fruity blended thingy for the Possum. After that, it was time for dreamland *snores snores*

The next day we had an early breakfast of bangers, toast, beans and juice and after that we went to Jurong Bird Park. It was really nice there. Like a whole big garden with loads of birds just fluttering about. It was a rather cloudish day with bursts of sunlight here and there and that was nice – not too hot! We took a couple of pics but they are still with the Possum so they will be up when I eventually get them. After the morning with the birds – I got to carry a hornbill on my arm – we went to Jane’s house. Jane is the owner of Pictures 2 Pages a scrapbooking site and we had arranged to meet up at her place where I could buy some scrapbooking supplies. I was super happy as I flipped through tons and tons of patterned paper *happy happy joy joy* but because it was so late we had to leave and after paying a lot of money for the stuff, we went back to the hotel to freshen up and then later had lunch and then we went to Plaza Singapura where Made With Love is – a scrapbooking store! It was super crowded and it took me forever to get to the stuff I wanted.

I got some more stuff and felt slightly guilty at the amount of money that I spent *sheepish* but it went away when I looked happily over my stuff and grinned like an idiot to myself.

The rest of the trip was a blur of activities from changing brand new tires, going to visit more aunts and having a delicious meal of bak kut teh with them, getting a good deal on a red turtle neck, a striped top and 3 cotton knickers – damn comfy – for RM10, line dancing (or trying to) with the locals, more shopping, going to Borders, buying all kinds of chocolates and drinks (Green tea with peppermint and lime Coke) and going dancing on the 71st floor in New Asia club in Swisshotel the Stamford. It was really nice having good views and grooving to R&B and mambo-ish type songs. I also made friends with a couple of girls there so we had a fun time dancing as Possums don’t really like to dance. Had a lovely drink called Intoxicating Romance (how fitting!) and some martini’s and shots. Super happy and tipsy!!! *smiles*

Basically that was my whole Christmas trip. We had loads of fun… but we were quite tired as well, the Possum more than I ‘cos he had to drive there and back. Had a lot of new stuff which is still lying in bags around my room along with other bags from various other shopping expeditions. I also got my first Tatty Bear though he is a small thing with a purple fur jacket, he is the cutest thingy ever – thanks Possum!

One of the best things about the trip would be the decorations. The deco and the lights in Singapore are absolutely wonderful and upon arriving back in KL I was super disappointed and appalled at the pathetic attempt of Christmas decorations at One Utama. To think it is one of the “best” shopping centres in Malaysia – BAH!!! The concourse in the old wing is just a sad attempt to liven the atmosphere and to provide people with a place to buy decorations and the new wing is more like an Easter celebration with all that pastel shit and brick type Christmas Trees! Now whenever I sing “O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!” I will have this horrid image of a blockish one with pastel bloody colours – SO BLARDY WRONG!!!Okay… am going to calm down… *breathe breathe*

~ Singapore Cineleisure Trip 2005~
2nd -3rd Decemeber 2005

This is my first ever work trip overseas – okay so it’s only to Singapore but still… - and I was excited at the prospect of it being the first and for going again to Singapore. The trip was fun overall. A lot of rushing which made everyone tired, but it was fun and I got to meet some really cool people such as Su, Maria, Ezli, Nurul Diyana, Su Keats and of course Cindy. We had fun walking and taking pics along Orchard Road, shopping, having our meals, watching Aeon Flux and having drinks at Coffee Club (Recommended by me nonetheless. I had Tiramisu Latte again and Strawberry Shortcake) and through the trip, we were constantly reminded to be ON TIME - it wasn’t our fault once when the cashier punched in the wrong amount!

Image hosted by

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Overall, I had an awesome time and it was super fun… the only sad thingy was that it ended way too early.

Hmm... I already miss Singapore and the differences between Malaysia and Singapore became apparent once we crossed the border. For one the state of the toilets. Do Malaysians actually know how to use the loo or do we need the potty for reeducating purposes??? I am actually toying with the idea of going to Singapore to work but so far there haven't been any positive comments from anyone regarding this new thought of mine. Oh well... we will see how it goes and hopefully I will be there again soon *grin grin*


SuetLing said...

Omg Suzy's Zoo! Do they even have that anymore in Malaysia since the shop in 1utama closed down yonks ago? :) Love the pics! Cinnamon's adorable

*Dream Weaver* said...

Hey SuetLing. I am a super fan of Suzy's Zoo and tracked it until I found the nearest place - Singapore! Peggy and I once went to BSC and found a whole lot of stickers, cards and stuff on sale and we nearly bought the whole shop :) *grin grin* Super fan right? hehehe

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