Friday, September 23, 2005

# Wedding Dinner P|ans #

Had a silly make believe conversation about our “ future wedding dinner” with the Possum before our little snooze just now. It went something like this…
Image hosted by
Possum: Its gonna be a BIG wedding dinner lah… cos I am like the eldest son and all that…

*Dream Weaver*: Is it? How ahh I got a lot of relative’s lah, like 200 something and then my friendsleh. I have to invite them you know… and then my colleagues and my overseas friends… aiyoh how… damn a lot of people man!

Possum: Yeah lah… a lot huh! I also got a lot of people. My father is going to call all his business friends all… aiyoh! Some more my family leh, quite big too.

*Dream Weaver*: I think like that about like 600 people, huh?

Possum: NO la… where got so little… maybe 900.

*Dream Weaver*: WAH! (mouth wide open) 900 you mad ah? 900 people means 90 tables. We will probably KO at table No.59.

Possum: Yeah I know... (worried look)

*Dream Weaver*: Think of all the drunk people that will leave the place. GAH! Think of all the money… aiyoh so much money. Better we just save the money and elope. (thoughtful look)

Possum: WHAT? You want them to eat lok-lok. You madlah. You want everyone to have like a lok-lok buffet thingy ah? Hmmm… actually cheap right. We could have it like “Eat all the fish balls and drink all the beer you can party”. Hmmm…

*Dream Weaver*: Errr… babe. I said ELOPE! Not lok-lok. (Laughs like a looney)

Possum: Oh… hehe (sheepish look). But can also what? (Sounding defensive!)

*Dream Weaver*: You sound crazy and delirious with fever. Go back to sleeplah...

Gawd… Imagine that
“A Lok-Lok Wedding Dinner”
with eat all you can fish balls and free flow of beer (should at least have more than fish ballslah – grrr…).
Image hosted by
The Horror!!! The Horror!!!

* Crossing fingers and making wishes on stars that it would not be like this… GAH!!! I can so foresee wedding pics of me with the black sauce dribbling down my chin… hehe… Image hosted by


William said...

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* Dream Weaver * said...

Porn site offers soldiers free access in exchange for photos of dead Iraqis??? What the hell??? CRAZY SPAMMING BUGGERS!!!

Pinkity said...

What the... The lok-lok thing, I think it might just work!! Really... I had the thought of having my wedding dinner at my fave mamak, Central Perk. Hahahahha.. EAT, DRINK AND BE MERRY! But then, how to be merry la when you're drinking only Teh Ais? Maybe dun gimme angpau but each buy one bottle of your prefered poison!! YEAAHHHHHH

Anywayz, stupid spammer.. I get that all the time too T.T

Waiting for your wedding!!!!

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