Monday, September 26, 2005


I am just sitting here smelling of blueberries and thinking how fast another week has passed me by. After examining the week (as I tend to do), I find myself smiling for it was indeed a pretty good week. Sure it wasn't perfect, but it was good. Yesterday I didn't go to church (feeling guilty), but instead attended two parties.
The first party was for my little cousin who turned eight, so needless to say there were a lot of screaming excited children high on sugar and chips and junk food. The Possum came along and was helping them get drinks and stuff while I pretended to be invisble in the corner near the fries which I ate every other second... I have low tolerance for ill mannered children and was delighted when the few I spoke too seemed polite and well mannered.
My cousin had a pinata in the shape of Sponge Bob Square Pants which her maid Kahlum made for her. So when it was time for bashing the pinata, the kids all lined up and was blind-folded and off they went hitting and smashing the poor pinata. After many blows, the pinata was still in one piece. My unlce then began to hit the poor pinata and he realised that the material was too hard and proceeded to take a knife and stab the poor Sponge Bob.
I thought the children would be upset to see the knife and the stabbing of poor yellow Sponge Bob in his Square Pants, but they laughed and went literally savage right before my eyes. This adorable girl with plaits and big brown innocent eyes suddenly announced that she was going to rip Sponge Bob's leg off... and her yelling was met by cheers and shouts of joy by the others... GAH!!!
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Then they all became crazyyy and started hitting Sponge Bob... I hastily left the party because it was so not my thinglah! The last I saw the children, they were scrambling around on the floor looking for treats and Spongy was lying in drain, gutted and battered... gah!!!
The next party I attended was actually a charity dinner party for NASAM (National Stroke Assosiation of Malaysia) at the Palace of The Golden Horses with the Possum, his sister and his grandparents and aunt. It was a wonderful affair and made me realise how lucky I was to be able to use all of my limbs and every part of my body.
The presentations by the strokees was commendable as they did a modelling show using their canes and walking sticks and frames. I thought it took alot of courage to get up there in front of so many people to model. A strokee commented that it took a stroke to get her on the catwalk. How ironic isn't it? I was impressed with Anita Sarawak who did the entertaining and was happy that she paid so much attention to the strokees and this guy who had down syndrome. It was touching to see them all try so hard.
I actually wrote a longer entry for the NASAM dinner but I ter-X it and it disappeared and I am too lazy to write more... bah! Anyways, after the dinner, I went home and curled up in bed to read a book titled "Meet Me Under The Umbu Tree". I loved it to bits and was sad to see it end. It had everything necessary to make it a wonderful read. Sad to see it end though... *sob sob sob* but this also means that I get to start on another book. Its called "Name All The Animals" about a sister who retells the story of her life after her brother passed away and went to Heaven.


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