Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Ledge Of Choice...

These days I find myself peering over the ledge of choice, wondering about potential consequences and weighing all the various options in my head. Occasionally, I still succumb to jumping down into the unknown; sometimes on a good day I land feet first, but more often than not I have been falling flat on my face or flat on my back feeling more like a tortoise on its back wondering why their world has suddenly turned upside down.

I find that as days go by and I realize the severity of the actions and consequences in my life and the set responsibilities I have, I pull back gentley from the ledge and peer slowly below instead; afraid to disappoint or hurt those who care for me, those who have put their hope in me and also to avoid hurting myself. There is after all so much hurt and damage you can do to yourself before you realise that enough is enough.

I also realise that sometimes when there seems to be rough patches in our life, we tend to go on self-destructive modes, and it is only much later when we look around at the wreckage of our lives and wonder what provoked us to do the unthinkable. For me, I find that there is always potential risk and gain at the ledge of every choice in life and it’s up to the individual to discern what lies before them.

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Mistakes can’t always be rectified, the past can’t be changed, words said cannot be recollected back, missed moments and opportunities fade away… that is what we have to remember. So the next time you are the uncertain ledge of choice, remember to make the right decision and whatever the outcome, never regret the things you have done, but think instead that everything happens in our life for a reason.

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