Thursday, September 22, 2005

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Today was one of the most relaxed days I have had in a long long long time. Was supposed to go for the media screening for "Flight Plan" with the FACES crew, but the Possum was sick so I had to teman him for awhile before class started. Had a leisurely walk to Keens restaurant to tapau lunch and enjoyed the breeze and light sunshine *grin* Bought rice, sparkling Ribena, peach and apple Paddle Pop jelly ice cream (damn nice!) and chocolates.

After lunch, we played Burnout Revenge and was a little disappointed… but it has its good points as well but I sort of liked the Burnout 3 better. Anyways, the Possum then sent me to college and class was alright though a little boring… but then again how interesting can News Editing be??? Well after 2 hours of class, I took a cab to 1Utama for the J-Card sales and fought my way in between menacing aunties with sharp heels and knobby elbows. My loud “ouches” were not entertained and my bruised foot was whining to me in pain. So I reluctantly gave up and announced my defeat and went to Starbucks for a drink with Su Yin. FYI: I only bought a couple of boxes to store my crap and an Eeyore photo frame.

My folks picked me up after that and we went for dinner and here I am just clicking on the computer keyboard with a bag of “things-to-do” which I am ignoring for today. So semangat before… wanted to get my things sorted out and all… BAH!!! --- Just want to have a little bit of relax and chill out time for awhile.

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Back to the inspiration part…

Well this sudden BURST of Inspiration hit me and I had this urge to go and do some artsy thingys … I used to love doing arts and crafts stuff in those good old days of long ago… and since my dad allowed me to buy some things online (first time and the max is USD10 – don’t laugh, quite poor thing…) I surfed along the vast ocean of the web to get some good discounts on my arts stuff and suddenly I was inspired… *grin*

My heart swelled and I felt so happy thinking of the whole pile of stuff I had and all these ideas kept popping into my mind and my hands were itching to get going. The thing is I can’t do them now. I need to concentrate on my studies and stuff… but I just feel this BUZZ! This happy feeling of being Inspired… *grin grin grin* I talked to Pinky and she didn’t think I was strange (thanks for that Pinks) and instead encouraged my dreams. Hoorah!!! Who knows one day I might be famous… and even if I wasn’t, I would be happy doing what I like.

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* So if anyone of you wants some handmade one-of-a kind bookmarks, gift tags, cards (for any occasion) and etc. call me or leave me a message and I will make you one with all the passion and love I posses for arts and crafts.

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