Friday, September 23, 2005

Varied Forms of Happiness…

It just hit me a couple minutes again that today was a day with many “Varied Forms of Happiness.” For instance, I was actually happy to see swatches of patterned cloth in Laura Ashley today. In some ways it seems tragic and its proof that I am turning into an auntie day by day… Nic merely laughed when I said that. I have a sinking suspicion that he thinks so too. I know that G does already…hehehe.

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Well I have to say that I was happy when I saw the Laura Ashley catalogue which was really nice though the prices were crazeeee… and they charged for the freaking catalogue toos *bleh*… but it was a good happy day laming around doing next to nothing. A surprise visit from the Possum in the morning bringing me his PS2 (hoorah) and Burnout Revenge (double hoorah) was an excellent way to start my day and he came for lunch too brining me yummy pan mee – talk about happy mornings. It was raining after lunch so a little siesta was in order… its one of those lovely happy days I thought to myself whilst falling asleep with the Possum under the comforters.

Then I went window shopping with Nic for the 3rd consecutive day at 1Utama and we had a nice talk over cappuccino chip and green tea milkshakes, wasabi pita bread thingies and spring rolls in SEED cafe. Then I got home and had a delightful conversation with my mum for a bit and we had a fun time cleaning the outside porch at like nine in the night - No thanks to the idiot cats who are starting to kill little animals and bringing them to my house as surprises for us every morning = blasted cats! Sadly, my daddy wasn’t around to help us clean the mess as he went bowling… *sniff* didn’t see him the whole day.

A phone call came and it was Cats and she said she was coming over… Hoorah! I was happily talking to her about Ron Jeremy and Anabel Chong and just talking about stuff. It was an interesting conversation (can you tell?) and then the Possum called and he wanted to come over too. So there we were the three of us talking and laughing. The Possums mum gave me some yummy minty chamomile-ish type tea and the Possum and I had some. After that Cats went home and the Possum and I had a snooze (Possums not feeling too well!) and then before he left he gave me a super wonderful back and head rub --- triple hoorahs! And then I go online and find happy emails and new games on Yahoo!!! *grin*

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Was a really wonderfully happy day though it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it too or how I envisioned it to be. But the Varied Forms of Happiness I felt the whole day which was derived from the simple things in life were just wonderful. Thanks everyone for making this a pleasantly happy Thursday. I wish everyday would have this many happy moments and don't forget to smile and make others happy tomorrow and the other tomorrows after that... *smiles*

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