Sunday, September 11, 2005

#@~ Party Nights ~@#

To ease the tension of the blardy assignments and to reward myself for not going out the entire duration of these assignments, I went out partying/clubbing. *FYI: I don’t do clubbing much and going clubbing is a big night out for me (So kesian, kan?)

- 3rd September 2005 -

The Possum and I went to BarFly in KL to celebrate his friend’s birthday. I didn’t really know the birthday girl but she seemed perfectly happy to divulge her feelings to me (She recently ended a 3 year relationship and was pissed at the ex and it was the whole “Men are scum of the earth type talk!”) over Black Label.

After being there for about 15 minutes, the phone rang and I was pleased to note that it was my ex D (we are really good friends still) and that he was at BarFly too - (Finally an escape from the sob stories I was listening to). His ex (the gf after me) was also there and both of us and his colleagues hung out. Some people might find it strange but D (my ex) and I have always had a good friendship after we broke up and N (his ex) get along pretty good as well.

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Anyways, after a couple of vodka shots, a couple of Black Label and cokes, JD and cokes, half a jug of Long Island Tea and beer (it was a little of it)… I was a happy person. I was so chatty that I ended up at the table of a bunch of Aussies who were from Toowomba (where I am doing my distance learning from) and having a chat with the birthday girl’s new boyfriend and his friends. *FYI: The Possum was talking to the birthday girl's new boyfriend and ex who showed up!

It was about 3am when the Possum and I left BarFly and made our way home. Thank God there were no road blocks and I remember hazily that we were chewing a lot of mints and the Possum was driving at about 40km/h. the next thing I knew, I woke up the next day with a massive hangover and felt super sick for the entire weekend.

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As a remedy, the Possum and I went for sushi @ Oh! Sushi in MidValley whilst my mum was getting a makeover from Christian Dior (her birthday present).

Yuppers… that was the first night of fun this month!

- 10th September 2005 -

I got an SMS from Ons in the evening saying that we were having a farewell-party-thingy for Carmen at this new club called “Soda Club” in Hartamas and I thought that since I hadn’t met up with the guys in awhile and since some of the blardy assignments were completed, I decided to go.

Before that I went to watch “All About My Dog” at the international screens in Midvalley with Nic, and was surprised that I did not bawl my eyes out as the show was quite emotional. This led me to wonder if I was becoming too hard and bitter… perhaps!

Anyways, Nic dropped me off at Spongy’s. Met Spongy’s dad who asked me if I had lost weight… before I could say something…
Spongy retorted…
“NOlah… its just that she’s wearing black!”

(Actually quite truelah…but don’t need to say right! *Geeess Louise!*)

Anyways we took a slow drive to Hartamas as the other guys were on the way. We managed to catch up on things and it was good talking to him after so long. At the club, we met the guys and we all sat at the 2nd floor and just chilled out there the entire night though I did nip down to the lok-lok man to buy some of his goodies - (the foodlah ok?).

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Well to sum it all up, we had a BLAST! Well I did anyways… and for once I was not that drunk, but was pleasantly high. We danced the night away (or I think we tried to dance anyways), had many "cheers" and we had many good laughs. The only thing missing was a camera to record these memories, though honestly I think I will remember this night for some time to come.
Thanks guys for the fun fun fun night!
And now as I sit here and write this, I thank God that I don’t have another hangover *grin*, and that I did atleast have 2 fun nights so far... though at the back of mind, I can't stop the nagging thoughts of up and coming assignments and the like *bleh*.

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