Friday, July 29, 2005

Mumbo Jumbo-ing

For the past 2 Wednesdays in a row I have been Mambo Jumbo-ing at Velvet, Zouk KL. This is so not *Dream Weaver* behavior and to think that I actually didn't drink alot when there was booze on the house. GAH!!! What is wrong with me???
Pics from Nic's Birthday
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The first Wednesday I went (the 20th of July 2005), was with Nic, Yews and Pinky. It was fun and met a couple of old friends. We had dinner before that in this Japanese in Uptown and all this was for Nic's birthday which was super duper belated! And the last time I went was for the ABBA special with Nic, Tania and the Possum (who scarily agreed to go after watching 'The Island'). Dancing with my friends and the Possum was so fun and on one hand I wish I could do it every Wednesday, but its such a hassle and screws up my whole week.

The sad part in all thie merrymaking would be when I saw this little man in a yellow top. He was sweeping the floor and no one paid him any attention as he made his way in between the drunkards and party animals. I felt so sorry and guilty for partying when this dude and the lady in the bathroom who hands out paper towels have to work and watch everyone around them enjoying or making fools of themseleves depending on which category you are in of course - and to think that they might never ever get to enjoy and dance like we do... I couldn't really enjoy myself and felt just horrid for a good 10-15 mintues. GAH!!! I really dont' like it when my emotions and stuff like this kicks in... makes me feel too much...

Well I doubt I will be mamboing anytime soon since my classes have started... though I do love the mambo jumbo-ish type music... choices choices choices!!!

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kinkybluefairy said...

Nice read darling haha

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