Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Strange Strange Day...

After getting the results and moaning and ranting and raving about the results online and with a selected few... I went for my ice cream review in 1Utama. Shaun came along with me and Joyce and we had all the flavours of ice cream plus take aways... yums... thanks Mr Ice Cream Man. He even invited us to his factory to see the process of ice cream making. *grin*

Was still feeling a little low (ok... ok... Very Low) and so the Possum decided to come to 1Utama and be with me for awhile before dinner which was really nice of him as he was tired already and he also got me Star Dasher who is none other than my L-ittle P-urple P-ony. *hoorah* I felt like I didn't deserve it but he said that I did cos I got one A and one B... (tried to make me feel better - worked alittle!).

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Anyways, with the P-ony in my hand and my Tiramisu in the other hand (thanks Mr Ice Cream Man) I went home only to be told by Yue Neng that Spongy was in hospital... So the P-ony, dinner and the ice cream was momentarily forgotten as Yue Neng said they weren't sure if it was HIV Positive or not... of course being me I was super scared and worried about him although he doesn't know it and NO it was not HIV it was just bad bad bad stomache poisonning. (And if you ever read this Spongy - know that yes... I do care!)

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Get Well Soon Spongy

So off we went (me, G, YN and Hanna) to Assunta to see him. Spongy looked not so Spongy... I hate it when any of my friends and family get sick or are admitted to hospital. He was so weak I just wanted to like prop him up and like give him some sunshine... *sigh* I hate the smell of hospitals and the sad weepy eyes of the people there who know they are losing someone they love, the tired eyes of the people who have been up at night worrying and hoping for some sign of recovery, the smell of antiseptic, the stark white of the nurses uniforms and the creepiness of hospitals... I hate knowing that there is so much sadness in that building as well as a little bit of happiness (only on the maternity floor)... sigh... hope Spongy gets better soon. God bless him.


kinkybluefairy said...

BWAHAHA i can *so* imagine you talking as i read your posts. You are confirmed such a care bear la.

Brian said...

thank you for coming. many thanks also for you well wishes and it is comforting to know i have people who care for my insignificant lil life.

perhaps it's a blessing in disguise. teaches me to slow down and appreciate those wonderful people and things around me a lil bit more.

thank you, Jo.

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