Tuesday, August 02, 2005


1.) Similarity in form or character; agreement: I acted in conformity with my principles.
2.)Action or behavior in correspondence with socially accepted standards, conventions, rules, or laws: conformity to university regulations.

Why do I have to be like everyone else?
Why do people ask me to be or act like a certain way?
Why do people want me to conform?

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Do I RE.ALLY NE.ED to...

~ Act my "own age" (whatever that is supposed to bloody mean)?

~ Agree when people say I do certain things just to get peoples attention when in all honesty I don't want their "so-called" attention?

~ Be "nice" all the time (however you choose to define what "nice" means)?
~ Have a Life Plan mapped out in front of me?
~ Smile and giggle politely when people call me "Auntie"?

~ Wear a skirt and dress and carry a clutch purse to look feminine?
~ Waste my money on things that I don't really need but "everyone" has just so that I can say with pride "I have it to but in (insert colour, model, style), see..."?
~ Grin and bear it when people say I am "nerd" or that I have "no style" though I itch to retort something nasty in return about their "so-called-perfect-selves?
~ Hide the fact that I love childish things and I love soppy movies?

~ Pretend that I am into art, culture, literature and the like so that you will talk to me and that I would "belong" and be one of the "cul.tu.red"?
~ Announce to the world that I am on a diet and when no one is looking binge eat and then complain that I never can lose weight?

~ Own a Gucci/Prada/Coach/CD bag?
~ Order a salad (so that people will think I am on-the-said "diet") and bottled Evian/Perrier/San Benedetto water (eventhough I dont' like it) at restaurants?
~ Have a "feminine" purse (go figure)?
~ Have a body of a stick-anorexic-mantis-type person?
~ Get my ears pierced?
~ Agree that a person is "really nice" eventhough that person is mean and damn rude to me and I feel like insulting or assaulting that person depending on the situation?
~ Go clubbing weekly and get sloshed every other day?
~ Join a gym so that I can say I belong to one eventhough I hardly go?

~ Buy a pair of Nike/Adidas/Reebok's for my occasional park stroll?
~ Agree with you because you have a better job, because you are smarter, more pious, much thinner, more atheltic and are richer than me though honestly you know shit and should just leave me alone?

~ Kiss you arse when you don't know who the hell I am?
~ Get my hair cut at a fancy place which charges me 4 times the amount I usually pay and end up with the same hair style?
~ Wash and blow my hair everytime I go out?
~ Wear makeup just to go to 7-11 to buy bread?
~ Buy new clothes everytime there is a "special" occasion to go to?
~ Get a pair of Gucci/CK/Armani sunnies eventhough I am fecking blind already as it is without the sunnies darkening my vision (FYI: I can't wear contacts)?
~ Own atleast 10 pairs of heels in different colours?
~ Wear G-Strings/V-Strings eventhough they give me wedgies and I feel super uncomfortable and hate wearing them?
~ Use mascara all the time - its apparently the "most" imporntant thing you can ever have in your handbag I was once told?
~ Go for mani/pedicures because my toe and finger nails are "ugly"?
~ Wax my legs and facial hair to look "presentable"?
~ Agree with what people say even when I don't really agreee and want to tell that person that they are so full of shite its oozing and dribbling on to the floor?
~ Lie when people ask me if I prefer a night out clubbing and getting drunk to a night staying at home reading under my comforter and munching cookies?
~ Be ashamed that I don't know the names of the "coolest" places, people and things to do at any given time?
~ Smile and nod like a puppet when people call me names when I really should be gathering up my things and walking away?

~ Lie when people ask me if I watch Hindi, Indon, Malay and foreign flicks?
~ Tell people that I don't:
a) Believe in faires and Angels?
b) Collect stickers and Little Ponies and the like?
c) Enjoy doing scrapbooking?
d) Love watching cartoons?
e) Know the lyrics to heaps of Disney songs and Oldies?
f) Cry during movies?

... So that people will think that I am grownup, matured and most importantly "normal"...?

NAH! I don't do the things I do to stand out from the rest, to appear to be on a higher more esteemed platform dedicated to those that want or need to be noticed... I might or might not do the above said things, but the thing here is, do I really need to be all these things just so that I can be like everyone else... I can fit in like everyone else, I can be accepted? Why can't I just do the things I love without being judged and be loved for the things I am rather than changing myself to fit this mould that others have set just so I can fit in. Actually in all honesty I reckon, I can be who I want to be with my little strangeness and eccentricities... its just the weeding out of unsavoury and vile things in my life that is going to be a problem... but Yeah...

* I don't RE.ALLY NE.ED to con.fecking.form *

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Brian said...

so is you saying you is intentionally doing what you is doing to APPEAR to be different? in other words, a attention seeker lah, are you?

Pinkity said...

tell me about conformity.. why do ppl want me thin? it could be tht i actually enjoy being ffat~~~could it be?

~ATOM~ said...

conformity threatens individuality... yet at the same time, i gives u a feeling of safety...
so, i'd just say MODERATE... u can rebel, but to an extent, and conform to an extent too...

s4ints said...

Conformity vs Creativity..
Sheep or the wolf..
To be in the crowd or to be alone..

Why conform?
a. the culture says so
b. we don't question culture (if they say it is right, it must be?)
c. can we really endure loneliness? (Is silence such a hard thing to go through?)
d. we are always taught to think that we're wrong.. (think about it, when was the last time someone said "Hey, you want to be a writer? Wow go for it!".. They are afraid to reach for their dreams thus it's more 'convenient' to put people down.. I say, don't want it? Don't say it)

well the list goes on and on.. Personally I hate conformity.. I work in the creative department and sadly people here want me to conform to their ways and standards.. Sometimes I want to ask these people, "Hey you there.. you in da wrong fuckin department.." Conformist goes upstairs to the accounts department..

People want change, but they are afraid of doing it.. So instead they feel comfortable saying it.. I want this.. I want that.. but still they don't do nothing about it.. As I have always believed, don't focus on the problem.. we all know about the problem.. what IS the solution? find it and do it.. simple as that..

24 years of my life, I see myself change all the time.. all except one thing, I will not conform!

Unknown said...

OF COURSE you have to wear make-up to go to 7-eleven to buy bread, you silly! in fact you can't even stand near the window without make-up. what if, horror of horrors, people saw!?!? :)

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