Wednesday, July 13, 2005

- A U$eful Citizen -

Today I felt like a U$eful Citizen... (its has been awhile since I felt that way)
Firstly, I really did work at the office -- @ -- I had a giggly phone interview with the latest MTV VJ for Philipines - VJ Colby Miller (super hot fella), did almost ALL my work for FACES that I had to do which including proofreading tons of material, wrote and compiled "47 Things I Love About Malaysia", called a couple of people and I even had time to email the USQ fella and chat on MSN.

I left the office at 7.20pm and went home for dinner with my folks. After dinner the Possum and I went grocery shopping (I felt so domestic!) and I got some good buys from Giant as Jusco was closed. After shopping, I got home and had to fold a whole pile of laundry and yet here I am at this ungodly hour blogging. I am going to work tomorrow for awhile eventhough I don't need to but my boss is panicking and thinking that the August issue wouldn't be out on time. So anyways... yeah... I feel so useful today. I did all the things I set out to do (opps... forgot to cut me nails) and more toos - Hoorahs!!!

Also I wanted to start a new blog for my photos and nice pictures of fairies, butterflies, bunnies and those cutesy sickening things that make normal people gag, but the blog got screwed up and I spent like 2 hours trying to make things better. Therefore, as it is NOT bloody working, I think its a sign to just stick to this *Little Piece of Heaven* and be content with it. So I will be posting more photos and pictures now I suppose - please bear with me dear readers.

The photos I am posting now are not new photos but after reading numerous blogs namely KinkyBlueFairiesBlog, I have been inspired to actually edit my pics. {Joyce if you are reading this - these photos are such a weak editing attempt - I need lesssons}
So here they are, my little collection of photos and *Fleeting Moments *... Laugh and enjoy 'em...

Image hosted by
Itallianis Food is just super Yums!!!
Image hosted by
~Angelique, Possum's and My Birthday Party~
Image hosted by
Photo Ho'ing *tsk tsk*
Image hosted by
3 Mawar Renunion
Image hosted by
~ My Birthday Cake '05 ~
Image hosted by
The TeaCup Ride with Yew Wen
Image hosted by
The Almost Magic Cable Cars
* I am happy to be a U$eful Citizen today and hopefully tomorrow and the days to come will see me being even more useful... Hoorahs!!!

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