Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Why Do You Blog?

For those amongst you that blog, have you been asked why you do so?
I know that a few of you have been asked why you so readily spew your emotions on to the world wide web which can be accessed by an tom, dick and harry. Why don't you just write all these sickening thoughts and feelings in your journal and safely put away that journal in some secluded place where no one can find it like underneath your smelly socks or something? Well, again we go back to the question... why blog?

Random qoutes on why one blogs:

"I blog to write about my feelings"
"To build friendships"
"To put down my thoughtslah..."
"To keep in contact with my friends who are overseas"
"To inform others about the shit I like which they don't like, but I like lah so who cares"
"I blog because I don't have anyone to talk to"
"I blog because I want people to read what I write and therefore this will influence them to think and see things my way. If not, then they will have something to argue with me about and I like that too. I just want people to read my bloglah..."
"To boast about my conquests and wonderful life"
"A blog is a place to post my wonderful pics of me darling and my friends and my doggie"
"Blogs are just stupidlah... I did it only cos everyone else was doing it..."
"I blog because I don't want to do my assignments"
"Nothing better to dolah"
"Just try try see I can write or not"
"I think I have something important to say to the lost souls out there"

Hmmm... such a vast difference in opinions, huh?
As for me... Why do I blog?

~ I blog because I want can't keep writing emails to my friends overseas and even local friends who are here all the time - so the blog lets them know how I feel. If its a pretty bad post, they will call or email and see if I am alright and that cheers me up considerably.

~I blog because I want to let out all my feelings because when I "WHINE" and "BITCH" all the time about my miserable life... I feel better and somehow there are some people out there that really understand and feel the way I do (mostly womenlah!)

~I blog because at times no one is there to listen to me and I need to let everything out.
~I blog because I don't want to do the things that I have to do like assignments and work stuff - its a momentary escape which buys a little time a away from my work.

So, the reasons we blog may vary, but in the end its
"OUR BLOG" our own little space in the world wide web which is solely ours. Random people or friends might come to our sight and trash it and say all kinds of mean things about our blog and honestly for once with all my heart I say "I don't give a rat's ass". Why? Well, my blog can be "TOO GIRLISH", have "TOO MANY COLOURS", is just "TOO WHINY" or just plain "BORING", but all in all...
The BLOG is *Mine*
and no one elses.
Image hosted by
Yup... *My Little Piece of Heaven*
I don't force anyone to read my blog and it is solely that persons choice if they do, so no crticisms please - save it for someone who cares. If one does not like to read what I write or moan about the things I write, go to someone elses blog which might be more appealing to you.
To the rest of your bloggers out there who have wonderfully interesting blogs that I love to read, keep up the wonderful writing.
Happy Blogging everyone!!!


~ATOM~ said...

go girl!!

i really like the idea of the little peice of heaven... coz that's what a blog is!! - i guess

HabitualDamnation said...

it's my bloggggg..and i'll blog if i want to, blog if i want to.... you would blog too if it happened to youuuuuuuuuuuuu...

PegGy said...

i blog. because. it is an outlet. and also it is like our footprints. it records the moments and emotions we'll forget later... =o)

s4ints said...

I blog because it's the only way I can keep track of the things that I've done and one day in the near future, I might grow senile and forget who I am and what I have done with my life.. So my blog is my access to my memories and to see the great and silly things I have done with my life.. 8 )

Brian said...

some ppl blog to cause they're whiny, some ppl whine cos thy're bloggy. some ppl just stink and are so boring that they have to slack off others so that they'd appear smelling like roses.

keep up your good work, nephew. you know we all love your blog more than anybody's. but then again, i also quite like wolfman's. anyhoo, you get what i mean.

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