Thursday, October 06, 2011

3 Years of being an "US"

Today marks our 3 year anniversary of being a couple, of being an "us" and it is also our 1 year anniversary of being engaged. It's truly amazing how time flies by so quickly that the days turn into weeks, then months and then years {yes, I continuously rant about the passing of time ~ snickers}. I remember feeling so totally surprised and happy and weepy {with joy mind you} when B proposed to me last year {read about our engagement here} and now, here I am in the planning stages of Project Happily Ever After and Project Let's Create, creating long lists on Microsoft Excel and praying that all my plans work out for the best. 

Then my mind drifts as I remember the elation and the sense of happiness and completeness. I remember swaying to the music and most of all, I remember the feeling of disbelief under layers of these emotions... I mean me DW, being engaged? Awesome incredibleness! It's a feeling like no other. Finally... finally my "one day's" are coming true with this one guy that I love so deeply and whole-heartedly and for that, I truly thank God for His blessings and providence. 

So, while I sit here on this slightly gloomy Thursday, with a surprised special delivery of a gigantic bunch of roses beside me {thank you B, the flowers are super pretty}, I smile and count my blessings thrice and pray that the coming years be filled with  more love, companionship, patience, understanding, kindness and hope in each other and in our love.

Happy Anniversary B. 
You are super loved by me.
*muaks muaks*

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