Monday, October 31, 2011

just think

Just think...
It's amazingly easy how a word can ruin your day.
Or how a sharp word stings after its delivered.
Or how grudges unattended to fester inside you to become 
irreparable wounds that spew jealousy, anger and malice.

How your body stands guarded like a shining knight's armor
but your insides are quivering like jelly, trembling like a leaf.
How you have a 1001 words to retort back but instead you swallow 
it all in for fear of creating a domino effect of epic proportions.

It's amazing how sometimes the best thing to do is to nod, 
save your words and get up to leave
even if you disagree and want to soldier on with your case.

Just think...
How great it would be if you could 
just think before you speak the next time.
Just think before you blame the world and not yourself.
Just think about  what other's are going through
instead of just being cute and worrying about your lil' petty squabbles
that no one really gives a crap about. 
Just think about the repercussions, the chain effect
the butterfly effect, the next moment.
Just think.
Just think...

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