Monday, October 31, 2011

I touched a Million!!!

For those of you who are unaware, I enjoy playing Zuma... 
OK... more accurately, I liketh it heaps *smiles* 
Anyways, today during lunch @ the office 
{I know I shouldn't be Zuma-ing during office
 hours but it was lunch time}, I finally did it.

I scored 1,076,190!!! 
*woot woot*
*grins + laughs + jumps around for joy*
Finally I touched a Million!
The last high score that I blogged about was 734,910 
which wasn't too bad either...
but a million is awesome possum!

Seen @ Becca Hames Pinterest Collection

Yes. Little things like that really make my day.
Plus lunch was heaps good and lunch company was pretty darn good too.
A good Monday and a good start to the week.
It's the last day of October too ~ it just whizzed by *zoom zoom*
Btw, Happy Halloween everybody.
I might just watch 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' or
a freaky movie just for the fun of it and stuff my face with candy  *grins*
Enjoy! Relax! & Don't be spooked!

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