Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Magical Tuesday

A very strange thing happened this morning. 
I was checking my emails and happened to click a link by accident when suddenly I get access to Facebook!!! You must be thinking, its only FB... what is this chick going on about?!? 
The thing is the Hovel {a.k.a my office/workplace/hole} barred several sites including FB!
{you must be thinking}

...and then, yup, the question 'how did DW get access' crosses your mind.

well it surely crossed mine as it did to B who I emailed almost immediately with a print screen shot and my other colleagues whom I proudly showed off to. So they scurried back to their own tables to log on to FB but unfortunately, they could not access the site!

"By Jove!" I thought to myself. "I think I am a magician" 
{or possibly a Magical unicorn in disguse}. 

...and so it came to be that I have FB access for now anyways {and I can see only some pages but I ain't complaining. This is just awesome possum!

I also thought lunch would be a drag since B is not around for lunch {yes, if you didn't already know, we work in the same hovel but in different departments} and I had to eat alone {there was no one I particularly wanted to eat with} but there is a definite carnival-like feel in the air since I managed to acquire the world's best beef burger wrapped in egg, smothered with black pepper and L&P sauce with a slice of cheese for good measure and a packet of refreshing lemon and something drink for lunch. I consumed this God given delights while watching "Pretty Little Liars" in the office.

Thank you God.
It has been magical day thus far... but I got to get back to the real world now *toodles poodles*
P.S: Since I seem to have magic in me today, I am going to see if I can possibly bend something with power of my mind and to also alter the figures in my bank account - wish me well!!!

Remember: "Hoarding & Collecting is not a crime. It is an art!" 
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