Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Where are you?

Where are you?
I think you walked ahead of me
too far in front...
so far that I can't catch up.
Wouldn't you wait for me?

Where are you?
Could it be that I was the one...
the one who walked too far ahead
and it was I that left you behind?

Where are you?
Wouldn't you come back to me?
I miss you.

1 comment:

*~Hija de las Luciérnagas~* said...

Hello... I'm a firefly person =P
I live in Chile (in the city called Chillán,a t south of my country), and don't speak very well english... but.. i try now. Because I read your description about you.. and i Think that you are a grat person n_n, really.. i wantad to post you, because, I would want to be so sincere as you n_n

I'm also a simple person.. but, it's difficult to accept. =P
why? Because i like the metaphors... and.. ^^ i say all in other lenguage, difficult to understand.

I hope that you're good, today.
That more like me of your text, is that you and me believe in God, and that all is for a reason. =) How, that I arrive here. n_n

well.. see yo uson, i hope.

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