Friday, February 17, 2006

Please... Please I need A screw...

Please... Please I need A screw...
was the title of an email I got in my hotmail account.
What a polite way of asking for a screw!

Then there was this email inviting me for a the launch of the new SAAB 9-3 Sportcombi @ the Selangor Polo Country Club. GAH!!! Why would anyone invite me to see a new car??? Probably to make up numbers. Some of the invite read "Be fascinated and get acquainted with the New SAAB 9-3 Sportcombi initmately. The New SAAB 9-3 Sportcombi is an involving sensory experience. No pretence. Just aviation inspired technology, now for the road... and blah blah blah." *hehehe* Like I carelah really. Its just another car to me unless of course its the slinky convertable Merc SLK... *sigh sigh* Now that is one hot car... *drooolllll* (Then I start thinking of "HER" and... arghhh... I dont' want to go there... arghhh models and actresses - some of them- so up themseleves somtimes!)
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I also got another email from Time The Bookshop announcing that they will have the LARGEST SALE EVER!!! *gasp gasp* It will be on the 22nd of Feb (for Times care members) and 23rd Feb - 5th of March 2006 for the general public. Opening times are 10am - 8pm (Sun - Thurs) and 10am - 9pm (Preview day, Fri & Sar) at Atria shopping centre in Damansara Jaya. So near my house!!! *gasp gasp* There goes my angpow moneylah... *hehehe*

Then there is an email from Dira who is Aussie now. *boohoohoo* Missing her already as there isnt' anyone to hang out with as I am currently unemployed and have nothing much to do. Sure miss those tea sessions we have... *sigh sigh* Oh well... glad to hear that you are fine and having a good time there *smiles smiles*

Well enough about emails... (see I really am bored huh?)

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Yesterday night, I went for Eehan and Shannon's farewell BBQ thingy at Jula's place. It was nice to see all my Stamford friends there. I guess I never really made an effort to make friends there because well... Stamford sucked and I always wanted to leave whenever class ended or I had to go to work right after classes. So I never really made many friends. But the people that were present yesterday was bascially the ppl that I used to hangout with and yes... I wish I had spent more time and made and effort to get to know them a little more. Oh well... who knows in the days to come, eh? And an observation...
Stamford guys are serious FLIRTS!!! -- Terrible!!!

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Today, I lazed around in bed for a sinful amount of time reading "The Life of Pi" curled up under my comforter. A storm was raging outside, but I was inside and felt bad for the people working outside. Then I realised I was going to be one of "those people" soon. *sigh sigh* So I curled up deeper under the comforter and promptly put it out of my mind. Then Yin called to say she was outside picking me up for tea.

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Rush Dash to get changed I went and soon we were off to The Curve for tea. We met up with Jesiree there and we had a grand time just like "those good old days". It was good to see us still able to talk and laugh just like before though it was evitedent to me that we really had changed. Some of us wiser, some more wild, others got tamer... but all of us still the same at heart. *Hugggsss* Love you both!!!

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On the way home, Yin and I were talking about our friends in high shcool and doing the whole "where are they now?" thingy when we saw a jam ahead of us. It was a chinese school that was almost over and anxious parents seemed to have double packed on both sides of the road and were making their way to the school gates to wait for thier kids. PAMPERED-NYA, we said. In our days, our parents were way to busy to pick me up. I had to take a bus and if I missed that I had to walk home. So on and on we bitched up the parents that were huddling around the two main gates for thier kids like people waiting for a clearence sale to start or something... when suddenly Yin asked,

"Do you think that we are going to be like that next time?"

The SILENCE was thick.
And in a shameful whisper I said...

"Yes... I think I will be like that.
I might even carry the kids bag whilest
she or he skips merrily along next to me!"

I looked at Yin and she looked at me...
We both laughed...

*tsk tsk*
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Please... Please I need A screw...
What is wrong with my brains???
I reckon them screws are a little lose in there....
SCREW!!! I need a screw!!!

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