Sunday, February 19, 2006

:: A New Chapter has begun ::

A New Chapter in my life has begun.
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I am quite ready for it actually. Even though there are things in my life at the moment that don’t quite fit and which is not quite right, it’s alright I guess. No one has a perfect life though I am trying to make it as good as it can possibly get.

I am 24 now!

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*hoorah hoorah*
Happy Birthday to me…

Its 5.11pm at the moment and I just got home from the Possums. To tell you how I landed there at the Possums place, I will start by talking about what I did on the last day of being 23.

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~Yesterday… my last day of being 23~
I woke up to the sound of Tania calling me on the hp. She said she was coming at 9 something to pick me up for the treasure hunt thingy that we were supposed to go for in aid of homeless animals. Anyways, this event was held at Plaza Damas in Hartamas and was actually a pretty interesting treasure hunt. I wouldn’t say my group Buffy was damn good at the hunt, but me and my partner whom I met there, Suzanne did get 4th place. *Surprise Surprise* We actually could have gotten first but we forgot to transfer all our answers onto the master answer sheet – BAH!!! But alls good.

Anyway, after walking for like a long time looking for clues, Suzanne and I decided to have lunch at this place called Jushi. It’s actually pretty nice and the foods really tasty surprisingly - very recommended! While we were eating we chatted about work (Suzanne is a food reviewer) and church and stuff. Then she asked me if I knew Jeremy Lee and I said, “Yes I do. It’s been ages since I saw him. How is he?” and Suzanne just looked at me and said, “I am sorry. I didn’t know you didn’t know that Jeremy passed away.” I wanted to choke on my sushi. I wanted to choke her for telling me (ok ok… this feeling passed by in a sec). I wanted to cry. I wanted to laugh. Regardless of everything the only thing I knew was that for some strange reason it hurt… it hurt a lot... knowing that he was gone.

Jeremy Lee…
Jeremy Lee…
Jeremy Lee…

So many things I want to say about him. About us, but I can’t. Not right now... I am not ready to face it, to lose another person I cared for to another road accident.

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After the strange news I had, we continued with the hunt, got prizes and went to watch a doggy show. The dogs were super cute and trained so well. Anyways, after that, Tania, Adrian and I went to eat cendol by the side of the road near my house and then I came home. When I got home, I went to see the tortoises only to find that the tank with the baby tortoises was missing one tortoise. It was Bonnie. She passed away. My dad had already buried her. I felt horrible. Why did it happen to my Bonnie and Clyde? *sigh sigh sigh*

I was actually pretty tired (emotionally and physically), but I had to go for my aunt’s dinner. It was pretty alright and it was good to see my cousins and all again. Congrats to Carol for winning the Ipod Nano for her stunning piano recital. I arrived home about nine something and Catherine came over and we talked for a bit whilst waiting for the rest to come to my place so we could go out. When everyone got there it was pretty late and by the time we reached the clubs, there were lines to get in and bitchy ppl at the door wouldn’t let us in unless we bought 2 bottles! Nasty ppl. Anyways, went to the Loft in the end though minutes after reaching it the manager from Sa Vanh said we could get a table there and to just tell the ppl at the door that he was waiting for me inside. WHOOPPS!!! Too late.

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The loft pretty much sucked since the last time I was there with the guys. Had a couple of cocktails laced heavily with alcohol. Went to Sa Vanh to meet the manager and had a flaming there. Had free Sambuca shots in the Loft. Had another free drink at Chynna ‘cos the manager of Chynna was there and Cat got me my last Long Island Tea for the year and the Possum got me some blueberry cocktail or something and I drank whatever else. BAD Lethal COMBINATION becauseI regurgitated!!! Not once. Not twice. Not thrice but countless times. (I think the guys are so going to laugh about this the next time I see them.) I think it was the mix of drinks, the music and the idiotic sweet I sucked on. BAH!!! I think I regurgitated the most in the Possums car – sorry Possum and I was actually laughing and smiling. Not like a Looney but because I was just happy. Happy about regurgitating you say? What an idiot! But for one who has never puked before in clubs, this was a release. I felt so much better after the regurgitating and I so could not go home looking like that. So I went to the Possums place and crashed there.

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And now here I am… thankfully without a headache and without a hangout. Slightly hungry, slightly sleepy… but doing alright. Thanks for the many birthday wishes I received via phone, sms and email. Thanks for the cake Cat. Thanks for the pressie and the touching card Adam, it was unexpected but very much appreciated. Thanks for calling Dira.. it was seriously a really thoughtful gesture. But sadly I think you forgot. I want to say that it’s alright, but at the moment it isn’t alright… but I know the feeling will pass. Presents and cards are at an all time low but I guess who am I to expect so much? Going to Castell tonight with friends so I best get ready soon. Chilling out in my room and reading a book sounds heavenly. I guess it’s the little things in life like these that that count the most.

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