Monday, February 06, 2006

CNY stories...

The past couple of days have flown by in a flurry of events... some happy, some sad and some real boring. This Chinese New Year was not how I envisioned or hoped it would be... it was in some ways better and in some ways worse.
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Usually every year when my relatives come to my place for the first day of the CNY, we will play cards and get all anxious about the game, but this year… this year there were no card games in my house, the first in 22 years. The 2nd day of CNY we celebrated at my aunts house and squeezed in a few rounds of cards and even then there were just a few people and no one even looked remotely excited playing *sigh sigh* To make things worse, my mum was sick and my parents were just grumpy for what reason I will never know... and honestly don't want to know right now!
If it wasn't for some happier moments, this CNY would be just horribly boring and unmemorable. I went with the guys to Common Jacks place for two nights to play cards, went to Ant's place with Tania &Adrian to play cards two nights in a row as well, went to Spongy's place with YNeng, the mamak nights with the guys talking till early in the morning, the incident with Alysia and YNeng in the car, seeing unexpected fireworks right above me, photo snapping with my relatives, unexpected bursts of joy at night complete with blushes, a potluck with my old friends and new books to read ~ absolute bliss. Sure it would and could have been better but then again nothing is perfect. Had a sort of open house but I would rather not talk about it, just that I doubt I will be having one anytime soon.

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Some of the best moments I have had this holiday season would be going to sleep smiling and having SMS's from someone that made me blush like a school girl repeatedly (no it was not lewd SMS's) and made me feel like I was on top of the world. Of course there were really bad moments this season as well. Two of my friends grandparents passed away and I felt sad for them and then Clyde passed away too.

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For those of you who have clue who Clyde is, he was my tortoise. He lived with Bonnie in their new plastic tank with a fake coconut tree, red bridge and brown ladder. He was sick for awhile and after looking through various forums, I figured he had pnuemonia. The night he passed away, for some reason he woke up from his sleep, opened his eyes and just looked at me for a good 10 seconds and then he gave me a tortoise smile, closed his eyes and went back to sleep.
I had many talks with Clyde about his condition and the next morning when I woke up and went to his tank, he was floating in the water. I think he committed suicide. Some of you guys might think I am being overly dramatic but for a tortoise who hasn't eaten in a week and who is so super weak that he can't even open his eyes, going from the bridge to the water will take a lot of effort and determination. But have your own conclusions and I will stick to mine.

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Of course I cried buckets. It was sad having to bury your own pet and even though Clyde couldn't make many sounds other than his wheezing he remains the 2d favourite pet tortoise. I bought a new tortoise today to keep Bonnie happy. His name is Sylvester and he is much smaller than Bonnie and frankly I don’t think Bonnie likes him too much, but we’ll see as time progresses. The Possum is overseas on holiday with his family and strangely I miss him but not as much as I thought and I find myself just doing my own things and not really thinking of him which I guess in some ways is good and bad.
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I guess all the major celebrations this year are just… BLAND
but it’s better than it being super horrid.
Hope all of you guys had a wonderful,
happy and blessed Chinese New Year.
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