Sunday, January 22, 2006

Today and Yesterday!

Some conversations this week which I thought were funny... but then again I everything tickles me these days *grin grin*
Me: Hey, you got a gap between your teeth!!!
Brother: Yeah I know. Quite hot right? Like Madonna!!!
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Dad: Why so aunty, carrying your bag on your shoulder all???
Me: So how? You want me to put the bag between my legs and walk is it?
Very memorable phrase:
Forgiveness does not equal forgetting.
It is about healing the memory of the hurt, not forgetting it.
Yesterday we went for my neighbours wedding. My family was the only Chinese family but all was good. So muhibbah as we sat on the same table as the other neighbours *smile* It was strange to see my neighbour Ali getting married because once upon a time we all (the neighbourhood children) used to play together... and now its an arrange marriage for him. His wife is hot by the way, so I suppose he is lucky. Wierd... Ali married!!! Goodness... so difficult to imagine. Soon it will be my brother and my friends and so on...
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Today I spent almost 10 hours at The Curve with various friends catching up with our lives and shopping. First it was lunch at Marche with Amy and Dira and then it was coffee at Paddingtons House Of Pancakes with Nic and then dinner at Sakae Sushi with Nic, Tania, Adrian and Yews. My legs hurt thanks to the heels I wore *sniff* but I got some really good deals. Bought 3 new books (3 for the price of 2 from Borders) - 'The Zahir', 'The Neverending Story' (yes the movie) and '50 Facts That Should Change Your Life' -- or something like that. I also got myself and organiser and a Bunny calender *cutes cutes* Then the Possum and I watched "Mind Your Language" at his apartment whilst snacking on BK chicken tenders.
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As usual I should be asleep but I have this urge to write because I can't sleep and don't quite feel like reading (gasp, shock, horror!). There is this emptiness in me though my life is quite full at the moment. Strange? Well am reading this book and it's called "Twentysomething" and its about people in their 20's (duhhh) and how they go through a quarterlife crisis and yup... here I am right smack in it!
My heart is also not in the best of health as I find it beating to a different rhythm at times. A rhythm that I have known all along yet at the same time find strange and new, scary and soothing. It's a rhythm with so much promise yet uncertainty.
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Well enough of rambling. Goodnights folks. Have a good week ahead and just think there is more holidays around the corner! *smiles smiles*
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