Tuesday, April 26, 2005

“Yeah Crazy!”

Bang! Bang! Goes my bed room door and the voice of my dad going

YOU not sleeping yet ah? Crazy ahh?”

I replyYeah Crazy!”

But he can’t hear me for he has gone back to his room, back to his slumber.

Its late… almost 4am. I should be asleep (Ahhh… those ‘should be’s again!) as I have class tomorrow but I decided to stay up and get some work off my chest. Besides I think the roti canai and the teh ais limau, milo ais and porridge is keeping me awake. Now with almost half my work completed, I can look forward to the weekend which is the long labour day weekend. Hoorah!

Most of the malat peeps will be on their way to Camerons with the cool weather, the awesome yummy strawberries, fresh produce and beautiful flowers and I will be going across the border to Singapore. Haven’t planned out the whole trip yet, though it will include Serangoon Rangoon Road for Bak Kut Teh, which I have been craving for since November last year – total yums yums!!! Then there will be the hunt for Suzy’s Zoo and to stock up for scrapbooking supplies. Any orders anyone?

I can’t wait to go to Sinagpore again. Ahhh… the joy of it all. Hopefully this time it wouldn’t rain and we will get to perhaps have dessert at the promenade or have drinks at one of the trendier shops. A part of me though longs to go with the peeps up the hill, but I guess I have to miss out on it this time. Hopefully they will understand and not exclude me from their ritual mamak sessions and other outings (Hint! Hint!)

But before I even get to the weekend I have all this work to do… haih! Oh well, that’s life for you I suppose. Drudgery and working away and then fun fun fun! I would dearly love to sit with my laptop and a cup of coffee or tea and type long emails to my friends and if I have more time, a hand written letters which I haven’t done in a long time.

The damn mozzie is flitting around me, teasing me and mocking me. I hope to kill it before I sleep. Call me barbaric but they are just sickening things. Yeah I am crazy for wanting to kill those buggers but then again who loves them mozzies?

Well will write more when I can and for those that I owe emails to, 1001 apologies. Will be filling your inbox’s shortly.

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