Monday, April 04, 2005

Magic In The Sky ~```*

Both the Possum and I were just leaving the house, on our way for some yum yum mixed fruit meringue and drinks from Alexis in Bangsar (we were going to celebrate the Possum's birthday) when we saw the wonderous sights in the nights sky.

Sure the fireworks display (*it came from 1Utama phase 2, as they were celebrating thier one year anniversary) wasn't as magical and gorgeous as the photo but it was wonderful. Made me think back to the ones that we had during Merdeka at Ikano. Hope they have it again this year.

Anyways, Alexis as always was wonderful with Lattes and Whiskey Sours and of course the yummy yum yum mixed fruit meringue (a A+ recommendation). Had nasi lemak with chicken and serbuk as well as otak otak for supper whilst watching DVDs. Nice! It was so yum... (gawd I can hear the tummy making sounds again!)

The Pope has passed away (God bless his soul). Possums birthday is over (there goes my $$$). My editorial meeting with alcohol is done and the deadlines have been assigned and I want to really die. Conflicts with people are at an end (thank God!). My sheets have been changed (ahhh new sheets - love that feeling). The ants are moving house... leave please leave!!! Two friends of mine are currently seeing some new people, good luck with them *hugs*...

Arghh finally a new week has began and it looks as if I will not have time for fun and games though I really want that *sigh sigh sigh* I am not used to this but I have no choice. Atleast I got my groove back, eventhough it is a limp and wiggle here and there... hehehe... =)

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Pinkity said...

I KNOWWW~ I so wish them well too. Heheh.. We shall further discuss this on Friday!! MUAHHHZZZZ

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