Wednesday, April 06, 2005

A Full Day...

It's almost 12 and I have had a FULL day, one of the few this year. I am stuffed and tired and the bed is calling me with its sweet lulling voice... but I have to resist. There is much to be done.

The day started rather early. Went to college only to find no one there and since the college is pretty crappy, I decided to go to my aunts house which was relatively near my college. There I got my first home cooked hot lunch in a long long time. Amen! My aunts maid and my grandma made sure I ate and then it was on to more studying and then I took a nap and played with my cousin for awhile (I think some kids are extorting her lunch money!) and then it was back to college for my psych class. The weather was pretty odd... rain than sunny sunshine and rain again and than sunny sunshine again... wierd! After college I went to office to collect stuff and then went home. It was about 6.30pm. After 3 cabs and 3 buses and alot of walking, I finally reached my house. Phew!

Possum and Possum's Sister came and picked me up for dinner as it was kong kong's birthday. A 10 course meal later and a late night chat with my folks, I sit here contemplating all the things I have to do this couple of days. It is exciting things but I am unable to savour the joys of work as I have done before. RUSHing! Thats all I have been doing. Doesn't help when my folks and Possum lays guilt on me that I don't spend enough time with them. Oh well... a juggler thats what I was probably in the past life. A juggler in a freak show carnival probably.

While you are at it... do the Numa Numa to brighten up your day

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