Monday, April 18, 2005

My Sunny Ray

There was a time when things were tough
And I felt so miserable, tired and old
My world was just a dull awful grey
A place which was harsh and cold

No one seemed to bother or care
To breakaway and start anew I did not dare
And then suddenly there you were
A hand outstretched to help
A sight which is so uniquely rare

You held my hand and said to me
Don’t worry; everything’s going to be okay
It’s a glorious wonderful day outside
Why don’t we go out and play?

So I left the heartache
The disappointments and the tears
I embraced the simple joys and happiness
And discarded all my worries and fears.

It was then you taught me how to laugh despite the pain
You reminded me that every rainbow needs the rain
That serene smile from you really brightened my day
A sparkling beam from Heaven,
You my dear sunny ray

Then as I learnt to stand alone again
You told me you had to leave
Your work is done you say
“Goodbye” I will see you another day

Tears started to form when I saw you leave
And suddenly I began to remember
My sadness, strife, hurts and grief
But you touched my heart
And reminded me once more
That even though you are not with me
In my heart is where you will stay forevermore

I know that it’s true the words you have said
I have to face the real world again
So I wipe the tears away
And watch as you leave
My glittering beam from Heaven,
My dear sunny ray
I will not fear for I will see you again someday

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