Saturday, April 02, 2005

I will try...

Here is a list of things I will try to do... (or try to not do...)

I will not give a damn to what other people say about me, regardless who they are. I suppose there is nothing one can do when they are called names of all sorts. I try to not step on anyones toes, but I guess I am not doing a good job, and to those whose toes I have stepped, I am sorry... whatever it was, it was unintentional.

I will not spend so much money on books and things related to arts and crafts. I have to remind myself constantly that I have no time to persue the arts and crafts at this moment in time and I have a whole pile of books to read.

I will not eat and sleep. I will not eat too much fatty foods which is basically all the yummy things which I love to eat... yums yums... *tummy rubbles already*

I will not go out so often as I hardly see my folks and I have a whole list of chores to do. This will also encourage me to study and save money. The less things you see the less things you buy and the more money I will have when I really 'need' to buy something.

I will try to be more patient towards others, namely the Possum and my folks as all of us are tired and stressed up after a hard day at work... so if I keep quit and be more patient with them, than we would not bicker and everyone will be happy.

I will try to smile eventhough my heart is breaking and I feel like crying.

I will try to see the brighter side to everything and stop being so sobbish and so negative. Remember rainbows after the storms and silver linings on them clouds.

I will try to learn how to cook for the betterment of myself and of course the Possums belly. (do you think thats sweet Possum?) - Possums nods his head eagerly.

I will try and study as hard as I can to achieve the goals that I have set for myself and to stop moaning about how much bloody work I have and to stop comparing myself to other peeps.

I will try to stop drinking so much alcohol as it is bad for my body and my wallet.

I will try to exercise and do some form of sports as I need to lose weight.
TRY is the keyword here, though I certainly hope to achieve everything listed here. Hopefully I will be able to...

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