Monday, March 28, 2005

The Weekend

I went for Writers for Women’s Rights Workshop which was organised by All Women’s Action Society (AWAM) on Thursday till Sunday and missed out on a lot of events as well as time, but it was well worth it. I was lucky to be in the company of some really wonderful people. The facilitators of the camp were women who were empowered with changing the world and it was hard not to be affected by their enthusiasm and their passion. The other participants which ranged from the ages of 18-30 instantly bonded and we had jolly good times making up ‘interesting’ things to do in the hotel as we were slightly bored. There were the “elevator series” we created and the of course the “awesome adventures on the 13th floor”. I will write more about them in the days to come as I am rather stumped for time at the moment.

Being away from home this weekend seemed extra long for some reason. Perhaps it is because there is much to do at home and I was just leaving them all hanging till I got home to attend to them… or perhaps I have been too attached to my home, my family and my friends and of course the Possum. Possum came to visit me while I was at camp and we went to RSC club where we proceeded to talk about gender issues and stuff over JD’s and Black Labels’. I was actually surprised that Possum came all the way to see me… he didn’t seem the sort who would. I guess things are really changing for the better for us.

My hand phone is currently having problems so I reckon I have to start saving for a new phone or something soon. *sigh* (unless there are really nice people out there wouldn’t mind helping me to get a new phone) =) Anyways, it being Easter yesterday, I went to my aunts house after the camp and had a late lunch with my folks and then my mum who said she missed me decided she wanted to go to 1utama with me. Surprise surprise! It is like our weekly ritual and I can’t say that I don’t miss it. I actually look forward to these outings. Funny how 1utama seems changed in some way… didn’t help that almost everything was on sale.

Got new hair accessories, craft supplies (pots of glitter, small notelets and sparkly blue pipe cleaners) and of course new books (MPH was having a sale)- I finally bought “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” by Ann Brashares (which I wrote about in one of my previous entries) and “Through A Glass Darkly” by Jostein Gaarder the writer of “Sophie’s World”. (I have yet to finish this book too). There are 2 other books after “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” and I can’t wait to read and buy them as well. Doesn’t help that there are about 6 other new books from my fav authors which has recently been released. Books… gawd… I have been spending so much money on them this week and I know I will be spending more. Will perhaps write about all the books I bought and of course things that have been happening soon. Ahhh more things to do… buggers.

After 1utama, my folks and I went to eat bak kut the (my 5th time) at Kepong and we managed to get lost but eventually found the place and had a hearty meal of BKT. Then back home it was… unpacked and found a whole load of ants which found my stash of sweets in my room (bloody ants). Anyways I have to go now… just wanted to recap my weekend and what I did though I need to write more about the issues that I learnt about and of course about the “elevator series” and the “awesome adventures on the 13th floor” which I will write more about soon. 5 text books have been lined up on my table to be read and understood, a couple of assignments beckon to me with their shrill annoying voices which have become hard to block out and my room has a fine coating of dust which looks some what like snow to a creative mind like mine… much to do and so little time management. (See I am taking responsibility for my procrastination and not blaming it on ‘no time’) Well see you all soon, if I do and if I don’t. Know that you are all missed. I finally have links… gawd… =)

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