Saturday, March 12, 2005

My Saturday...

This was my Saturday ~ I got woken up by Adrian Wong today, "Where you? You said you coming.." In my head I go... "where?" and then I remember. The IACT open day. So I tell him I will call him when I get there and hasten to the showers to get ready. Showers are good - not only do they clean you and make you smell really nice, they relax you. I love showers and have like more than 15 different soaps to use. Different ones for different moods. *hehehe* Today I used a blue one called "Kool" cos it smells fresh and light. Just what I need for a hot sunny sticky day.

So I changed and took my bag and said goodbye to sleeping dad on the floor. "Eat the Ang Ku!" "Okay later!" I say... standard conversation we have really. He offers me food before I step out of the house and I say later I eat - but I usually never eat it! So out into the SUNSHINE I went. Before I reached the park (where the IACT thingy was being held), I was drenched. Oh my!!! Anyways, met up with my old lecturers and my old friends (the juniors) and some odd friends here and there from different phases in life. I looked thinner apparently... sigh... I can never get a right answer... Someone told me that I put on weight last time... I'm trying to forget about this weight issue!

I had fun though today (something I seriously lack). Forgot momentarily about homework, assignments and deadlines... had fun talking to my friends and watching the performances and doing my grafitti on the boards they had there (yep, did my share of destroying the ozone layer - whopps!!! sorry!). Got 2 goodie bags instead of one... thanks to the staff there that remembered my lil monkey fes... hehehe *grin* Saw the principle there and he came up to me and brought me around the place and lectured me on studies which made me think about all the work at home (shudder). He is a nice man. My dads friend actually.

4 hours there and I was truly enjoying myself but Possum called and suggested we go to Megamall for pan mee... yummy... I couldn't resist. So we went. Did some window shopping and some actual buying. ARGHHH... went to see the Little Ponies in Toys R Us there and there were not many... *sniffles* Possum might get me another one if I drop more hints. He is getting smarter *dang!* Back to his place we went about 7ish and then I played 3 house of SXTricky3 on his PS2. He had a snooze. Then we went to Bangsar for Nasi Lemak panas... yum yum... then... read the next entry... Aights!

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