Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Little Bits of *Magic*

Little bits of *magic*
They float aimless in the air
The sort of *magic* that glitters and sparkles
The kind that’s so very rare.

For *magic* isn't for everyone
Its only for those who believe
Its the sort of *magic* that leaves your heart aflutter
And gives you wonderful iridescent wings.

Little bits of *magic*
I try hard to capture them,
Though they slip through my fingers
Like tiny grains of sand.

Little bits of *magic*
How I yearn to have some of it
For then I can fly and be alright
With those wonderful glittery wings.

These glittering wings will take me far and wide
To places that I’ve never been
It will be then that my heart will soar
And remind me of the child within.

So I close my eyes reverently
And I wish on a lone shooting star
That once again I will find the child within
The child with those wonderful bits of

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