Monday, March 28, 2005


I did'nt like today.

Perhaps it was because all the things I had planned didn't come to pass.
Perhaps it is because I know that I am so behind in my work at the moment.
Perhaps it is because I suddenly feel unmotivated and strangely disconnected from everyone and everything.
I feel lost and just so tired of everything. Possum called and I didn't even mind when he said that he was too tired to see me... infact honestly, I didn't want to see him. This doesn't happen often and makes me realize that 'yup' something is the matter with me.

I have stuffed myself with enough M&Ms to last me a week and am feeling slightly sick from it really... Took a look at my pile of books and shivered and wished that I could be one of those gifted people and just touch the books and know its contents... but alas... I am just a simple girl with a whole lot of baggage at the moment and a mind full of questions and a heart full of l0ve.

How I wish I could witness a scene just like that. I think I need more beauty in my life... I wish I was at this beautifully serene place with the Possum... maybe then I will be better and finally get my ass back on track. But... I will have to make do with what I have and hope that this sudden phase of wierdness leaves me for good. I can't afford to feel like this, there is too much at stake.

I didn't like today, but I know that tomorrow will be better...

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