Saturday, March 19, 2005

~ Believing In Me ~

I met the Kak Azah today the Minister of Youth and Sport at Astro. A team of teens (apparently I am still one!) was invited to have a dialogue session with her as she wanted to hear our views and what our problems were. It was interesting to hear the different views from everyone else. No promises were made by her, thank God... but she did say though that if we really believed in something we should never give up and should continue to believe in ourseleves. I

f we kept on shouting and talking about the issue, one day someone is going to hear about it and something will be done. In the dialogue, she asked us what made us special... I said it was my empathy to feel for others eg. Migrants, illegal immigrants and the like. She said that although sometimes viewed negatively, empathy is what can drive me to do wonderful great things and I know that in time it will come to pass that I wil do great things, either for myself, or for the world or community at large... or atleast one personlah.

This couple of weeks have been packed with things to do, this week being the most full. On Monday, my mum and I went for a photo shoot for Marie Clare magazine for a mothers day special thingy. On Wednesday I went for a corporate video thingy for Stamford (they are actually paying us - yipee!) and today was the dialogue for the minister thingy. Then there were the FACES deadlines (I actually handed them all up before the deadline!) and the KL Lifestyle deadline which I also send on time. AMEN! I also just passed up my first USQ (University of Southern Queensland) assignment and did a quiz for Social Psychology which I studied for a good 15 minutes after remembering on the bus that I had a quiz that day. Whoppsss!

To think that it is all over and that my plate is clean for the rest of the month was a mistake because as soon as I handed up the assignments for school and work, they piled up. I got an assignment "Caffeine and its effects on your body" to write about for FACES/Wanita and some other quizzes and things and then for KL Lifestyle the boss wants me to do an interview with someone - Simple Plan??? I wish... And then there are the other 7 pending assignments for USQ and the AWAM camp which I will be attending this weekened (byebye weekend trip to Singapore with the Possum). Oh yeah... I got selected for this AWAM camp thingy which is a writers for womens rights camp. I think this will do me some good and hopefully fill this little emptiness in me and make me feel complete. I hope that this camp will really teach me stuff. Its a 4 day 3 night camp and I will be in hotel in KL for that period of time. Planning to bring my books to study at night - little nerd that I am.

Been missing the mamaks as well. Went to Williams mamak today - with my parents for dinner... hehehe... Not been out much as well, due to $ shortage. Possums birthday is in a few weeks time so I have got to save. My cheques are slow in coming *sniff* Haven't seen Possum in awhile as in quality time. Saw him for 15 minutes today when he picked me up and sent me to Menara Star, that was all. *sigh* Work is really doing him good though I think... so much more mature and serious (quite scary really!) yells at me for being messy and unorganized (which is quite truelah) but its like calling the kettle black. =) I have to admit I am really happy that he is a working man and he is actually pretty dedicated to his work. Way to go Possum.

Today has been my day of chilling and doing what I want and surprisingly it involved no one except myself. Read books and took much needed sleep and watched telly and of course the internet. My eyes hurt as well due to the lack of sleep and hope that and the back aches will be gone as well as those other health craps I have. A highlight of today is that The Star Youth2 editor actually told the minister person and all present that I wrote good poetry. So bangga my face turned violent shades of red which made everyone laugh and clap and hoot louder. *blush* I have to learn how to take compliments.

With everything that has been happening though and the little breather I have today, I still feel something missing. Perhaps its my friends who have been missing from the scenes as well. I actually had to turn people down - gawd! Its so unlike me... but I guess things have to get done and the only way I can finish my work is to say No to the invitations which suck. As the grownups like to say "suffer now so that you can enjoy later". Perhaps they are right in some ways. Missing Possum as well. Its gonna be worse when he moves *sniff sniff* thank the lucky stars that he lives close by at the moment. Aights will be going to sleep now... Its been a long long week. Take yous all and hope to see you all soonest. Nites nites. Sweet dreams and may you have a wonderful weekend ahead.

p.s: Try not to plan out door activities this Monday as they say it will be the hottest day so far. Thank God for little blessings like air-cons and not having classes on Mondays.

p.p.s: Thanks Eric for help with the blog thingy. Was so pissed of with this damn blogger problem. Thanksss... =) The Sepet Mouse says 'thanks'.

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s4ints said...

No problemo..
I happened to be there and that happens to me quite often too.. I understand the frustration.. Well nothing's perfect.. 8 p
Glad to be of help..

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