Thursday, August 25, 2005

SuRpiSiNg JoYs ^_^

Today I had some surprising joys. What are surprising joys you must be wondering? Well they are the little unexpected bouts of joy and happiness that you get out of the little mundane things or the things suddenly happened expectedly. They aren't life changing (there are the odd life changing cases here and there every once in awhile) but they make your day a better one.

My day started off like any normal day. I pressed the snooze button a couple of times, had a pleasant wake up conversation with the Possum who was a little hyper (too much sugar in his nescafe?) and who kept repeating my name over and over again in a sing-song voice - not pleasant when one is still half asleep really.

Anyways, I continued reading "3 Weeks With My Brother" and lazed around in bed till an indecent hour (I am ashamed to mention it even!) and decided to watch a DVD. I rifled through my collection and pulled out "The Upside Of Anger" starring Kevin Costner and Joan Allen (I think thats her name). It was pretty good and thought provoking.

After watching the movie, reading a couple more pages of the book, I finally decided to do something more productive. I checked my email and my USQ homepage and BAH! got my results. I got pretty shitty results for my first assigment - Double DANG! I started feeling shittier by the minute but somehow I guess I was tired of feeling shitty over stupid papers that I tried my best at. So when Nic asked me to follow him to 1 Utama I went. We had fun just chatting and all that and I had a rather good dinner at SEED Cafe. After that it was on to do a little bit of grocery shopping and then I went to the Possums place where I watched another DVD "Calander Girls" - it was a laugh and quite inspirational; made me think of doing a semi-nude calender before every inch of me becomes nore dimpled, saggy and wrinkled...

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And now here I am at 2.14am in my computer room tapping on the keyboards and listening to Santana 'CorazonEspinado'. So what were the surprising joys I had encountered... well here they are in no particular order.

~ I found my honey sugar almonds which the Possum had bought for me a couple of days ago. I thought I had lost it but was atcually under a pile of stuff in my handbag. Yum... am eating one right now... *crunch crunch crunch*

~ I was walking around with Nic on our way to our car when we passed the shop Hang Ten and suddenly I heard a Christmas Carol. I instantly thought I was crazy and looked towards the shop and was sure it was coming from there. I looked at Nic and it was confirmed - I am NOT that mental, they were really playing a Christmas Carol in the middle of August! GAH! Bring out the decorations its Christmas - FYI: Christmas is the most favouritest time of the year!!!
* I bought a Disney Christmas Cartoon (orignial one mind you) VCD yesterday. It has "The Small One"... My most favourite Christmas cartoon when I was a wee little youngin'.

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~ I went to Giant and there were mini Cornettos, Magnums and Almond flavoured ice creams for sale. To hell with the diet I thought... its a sign that I can eat some of the ice cream just in small portions. So into the basket went 2 boxes. One for me and the other for the Possum.

~ At the Possum's house, I stepped into his room and was super amazed to see it so clean. I was envious for a moment as my room looks like a hurricane and blizzard went through so much so that there is fine layer of dust on the surface of almost everything - GAK! I really will clean up...... soon. But honestly there is just something in the messiness and chaotic feel to my room that I love though I wish all the dust would just disappear! The Possum said that he had decided to clean it because he felt like making me feel more comfy in his room... awww... I later found a whole stack of stuff under his table... hehehe!

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My Mess!
~ On the way home, the Possum and I had 2 mini adventures (we can't disclose details of our mission). We went out of the way for some investigative business and were pleasantly surprised at the outcome. He is so much like a girl it is scary. We had triple the laugher today which is always good.
~ The moon is extra bright tonight and the sky is beautiful and the wind was soothing. Perfect!
See nothing that great or grand right? But it has made my day to much nicer and happier. Some of my friends think that I am unhappy thanks to the previous few posts, but NO... I am honestly happy and am not deluded as I was before. I know that nothing is perfect but I am happy nevertheless. So I end this post with a prayer that I all of you have SuRpiSiNg JoYs each and every day of your lives and may you always be aware of these joys in your life. *Hugsss*
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