Friday, August 19, 2005

The Past couple of DaYs...

The past couple of days since the last post has made me realise that I should cherish those moments when I feel as if I am "home" because more often than not, when the curtains really fall, when the sun sets, and when reality bites, you realise that by golly you are far away from "home".

Nothing too drastic has happened to bother my "home" but I am starting to see cracks or perhaps little pieces that don't quite fit and perhaps if I merely glanced or skimmed the serface I would have missed them, but since I seem to possess extraordinarily long hours of nothing to do, I have taken the liberty to examine my life a little more and... yeah... this has led to realising that the bliss and happiness and joy that poured from my fingertips onto the keyboard was only momentarily.
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Regardless of its short lived happiness, I am happy that I have experienced that joy and completeness... I still feel that way but I guess I am aware of the setbacks, the uneven patches, the hurdles, the cracks and the potholes that abound all over me.

Sadly, eventhough I seem to have loads of time, I don't feel like writing these couple of days. Perhaps its because there is work that requires me to write, my assignments that require me to write and my other projects that also require me to... yes you got that right... I have to write somemore. So to think about blogging sometimes just makes me sick. Doesn't help that I sit infront of the computer hours on end typing and trying to make sense of what I am writing about.

Will try to write more happy optimistic things soon. In the mean time, I wish everyone well and I pray that you will find happiness in your own lives. Hope the haze doesn't come back and I pray that all of you will be kept safe and have joy and peace in your hearts. *God bless*

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